ESO - Patch Notes 1.2.6

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The Elder Scrolls Online v1.2.6 features new gameplay fixes, quests, and more. This is one of our last cumulative updates before Update 3.


Bug fixes and improvements

  • Alliance War
  • Combat and Gameplay
  • Dungeons and Groups
  • Exploration and Objects
  • quests
  • Interface


Alliance War


    • Fixed a crash that occurred in the middle of combat while in Cyrodiil.
    • Weaponsmakers in Cyrodiil now have an adequate distribution of blue and purple weapons.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed you to be credited for the quest Capture Azure Sentinel Bastille by capturing any fort. From now on, only the Bastille of Sente-azur will allow you to be credited with this quest.


Combat and Gameplay


  • Fixed an issue that occurred when observing the effects of a dead beetle and could cause performance issues.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the frame rate to slow down after exiting combat.


  • Invocation
    • Explosive Familiar: Reduced the damage of this skill to 12% of maximum Magicka, instead of the original 20%. This is a temporary fix before a full resolution of the issue this skill is currently experiencing, which is the familiar exploding twice.


  • Spikes: Fixed several errors that affected your playing performance while using this ability.


  • Vampire
    • Impenetrable Swarm: Fixed an issue where wearing the Night's Silence armor item would grant 500% speed buff.


Dungeons and Groups


  • If your Veteran Rank is above 10, you can now use the Find Groups feature for the first part of Veteran Dungeons: Tressefuseau, Forbidden Dungeon and the Mushroom.


Exploration and Objects


  • Fixed an issue where the entire interior of a Daggerfall building had gauntlets to pick up, instead of targeted gauntlets.
  • Fixed an issue where you were not properly credited with the Conqueror of Dark Shadow Caverns achievement after defeating the Transmuted Hive Lord.


  • Fixed an issue where the Berserker enchantment was not displaying at the correct scale when it comes to the level or quality of glyphs.

Item sets

  • Sanctuary: This upgrade will no longer encroach on your character sheet after teleporting or disconnecting



Main quest

  • Halls of Torment: Fixed an error that prevented Lyris from using the portal corresponding to the quest.
  • The Weight of the Three Crowns: Alliance Leaders will now arrive when you approach the meeting place in Stirk.


  • The Fall of Carzog: You can now speak to Neramo and Azlakha.

Desert d'Alik'r

  • Leki's Blade Master: Now you have the option to start and complete the Raifa Sword challenge.

The Screes

  • Protect the Room: Fixed a looping error that prevented the quest from progressing.


  • Ultimate Rescue: It is now possible to find the remains of Najeepa.
  • The End of the Pact: You can now interact with the Braziers of Fire and Ice in the Final Room.

Storm Haven

  • You will no longer be sent to a loading screen in Windcrest Caverns.

March of the Camarde

  • A Traitor's Luck: Fixed an error that prevented Cariel from appearing when reading the message.
  • The Fall of Hadran: Tand will leave the area and the quest will update after interacting with the cage corresponding to the quest.
  • The Masquerade of Baan Dar: Fixed an issue where you could not poison the Poisonous Strangling Rods.
  • Lorkhaj's Lair: Fixed an issue that prevented Lunar Champions (Shazah or Khali) from continuing the ritual after defeating Javad Tharn and the Black Mane.


  • The Shattered and the Lost: Fixed an issue that prevented quest progress after using Seeker's Vision.




  • Added a notification telling you where to subscribe to the game on the login screen.

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