ESO - Patch notes 1.4.4

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A small update was recently deployed to the servers. This patch addresses a number of issues that primarily affect gameplay, items, UI, and Alliance Warfare. They also fixed many anomalies associated with Black Blades and stealth, and readjusted the recovery of Stamina and Magicka in combat somewhat.

Alliance War

  • Fixed an anomaly causing the game to crash during combat in Cyrodiil.
  • Fixed a bug preventing under certain conditions the saving of the status of forts during a crash.
  • Fixed an anomaly preventing the opening of the rear doors of forts.


Combat and gameplay

  • From now on, the full power attacks of the following weapons will restore your Stamina based on your level:
    • One-Handed Weapons
    • Two-handed weapons
    • Arcs
    • Two-weapon attacks
  • Full strength attacks from the following weapons will now restore your Magicka based on your level:
    • Staff of destruction
    • Recovery stick
  • The Life Cycle passive skill of Healing Staves will now increase Magicka Regrowth not the amount of damage dealt.
  • Suppression of the oscillation effect in first-person view.
  • Fixed an anomaly that allowed players to hit NPCs and objects through walls if they are against them.

Black blades

  • Ombre
    • Concealed Weapon (Veiled Strike): Your stealth movement speed bonus is no longer taken away from you when another player in stealth mode summons Cloak of Shadows.
    • Cloak of Shadows: Fixed a bug that negated the effect of this skill when an enemy attack failed.


  • Medium armor
    • Lightness: Now, this skill will reduce the Stamina cost from 14% to 21% for ranks I and II.


  • Recovery stick
    • Fixed an anomaly causing the player to switch to objective view when running in first person view with a recovery stick in hand.


  • Mages Guild
    • Radiance: This skill will now reveal the presence of the enemy to the caster and no longer remove their stealth or invisibility.

Exploration and Objects

  • Fixed an anomaly causing some desks, bags, bodies, chests of drawers and other interactive items in Wayward and Storm Haven to be missing loot.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in the sale of Equipment for Veteran Rank 13 players instead of VR 14 by Elite Equipment Vendors in Cyrodiil.

Item sets

  • Silence of the Night: Restored the movement speed bonus granted by this 5 piece set when the player is crouching.

Dungeons and Groups

  • The Mushroom
    • Fixed a bug causing the game to crash when a party member teleports to an ally to enter and exit the Mushroom House.

Graht wood

  • Bone Guardian: You will no longer get stuck trying to enter the Bone Orchard.

Storm Haven

  • You will no longer be able to kill Dreughflanquais in this area.

User interface

  • Reinstatement of the following commands in the chat:
    • E to select the first option
    • X to say goodbye
  • Reinstated update of team member markers.

Additional content

  • Fixed a bug causing the names of some additional game content to be shortened.
  • Fixed a bug that shortened the path name for installing additional content and prevented it from loading.


  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash when a team leader teleports to a party member in a dungeon.


Further improvements are coming later this week.

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