ESO - Pêcher in Tamriel

I have seen questions about fishing several times. So I went to the beta to try to find out what it was! I cannot say armed with my fishing rod because in reality, the latter does not exist. Indeed, no matter what your weapons, you are able to get a fishing rod out of nowhere!

To fish, you need two things:

  • un fishing hole, which lies on the coast of Tamriel. It stands out from the rest of the landscape by small eddies even if you have to be an observer all the same because you can quickly miss it.
  • un fishing bait, objects to buy from merchants or to find during our adventures: plants, insects ... Spiders, very common, give crawlers, among the most accessible bait (at least in the areas that I have explored ).


Once next to a fishing hole, we will have to select a bait with the e key (by default). Then, once the bait is in place, just press e again to cast the line. After a more or less long time, the fishing rod will move: we have a touch! It is then sufficient to press e one last time to recover its hold.

Most of the time, we will get fish but it looks like we can get other rarer items like bags containing crafting components. For my part, I only had very fresh fish and an old broken bait! It is not known for the moment what the fish categorized as "Trophy" are used for.

Note that fishing is a harvesting method, so it is not considered a profession strictly speaking. It therefore has no associated skills.

And now, action, here is the fishing in sound and images (beware, a small mistake on my part, fish are not used as cooking ingredients):


Have you tested fishing on the beta? What were your catches?

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