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Many press sites had the opportunity to have access to the game during a pre-E3 session organized by Bethesda in Los Angeles to test a playable version of the game. The studio clearly specified to them that this version was old, less successful. than what will be showing this summer, or even what was showing at PAX East without first person view or PvP.

Once their characters were created, Journalists were directly increased to level 6, teleported to the city of Daggerfall. This city is a social center, where we find all the classic services of this type of place:

  • established for crafts
  • dungeons
  • quests
  • exploration (similar to the exploits in Skyrim asking to find / read all books)

  • Game / Exploration
  • Fights / Mechanisms
  • quests
  • Crafts / Economy
  • a very familiar game for MMO players
  • extensive character customization
  • a very Elder Scrolls atmosphere, both in the colors, the sets and the music
  • a minimalist interface
  • the ability to enter homes, taverns and shops and search (but not steal)
  • many books on the tables, giving quests and experience
  • potions and consumables can be found in barrels
  • many exploration opportunities throughout Tamriel (hidden tunnels, nooks and crannies, ruins ...)
  • some general difficulty in combat, increased by a short respawn time
  • the fights require patience, reflection and reflexes
  • 6 active abilities at any given time, right click to attack, left click to block, one ultimate ability
  • monsters at fixed individual levels
  • no recharge delay
  • abilities based on different resources (stamina, mana) that can be used as long as there is a resource
  • many quests, unrelated to level in the traditional sense
  • quest giver NPCs are recognizable by a yellow halo
  • use of phases to change the area based on player actions
  • the phases are very local to avoid hassles when grouping with friends
  • important characters accompanying other players are renamed to avoid clones
  • 5 professions: cooking, blacksmith (armor and weapons), enchanting and alchemy
  • possibility of indulging in 5 but only one can be upgraded to the rank of master
  • experimentation is necessary as on Skryim
  • the ingredients are found in the world (mining, hunting, exploration)
  • additives improve production
  • artisans are needed for the Alliance War Effort (PvP)
In passing, we get some information on the rise in levels. In the beginning, we have 15 skill points at level 1:
  • 1 for the breed
  • 3 for the class
  • 1 per weapon type
  • 1 per armor type (3)

We then obtain additional skills according to our involvement, in guilds, in PvP, vampires, werewolves ...

Some examples of quests:

  • Giblet, a dog inviting to follow
  • save the king himself
  • put out fires guarded by hordes of monsters
  • feed a plant with the blood of a monster by killing it in it

In conclusion, the highlights of the interview with Matt Firor conducted by Massively:

  • bug tracking: a competent and experienced QA team, helped by numerous beta phases
  • the main strength of the game: the customization of the character and the possibility of playing as you want, wearing all the armor and weapons.
  • professions: cooking, blacksmith (armor and weapons), enchanting and alchemy
  • a multi-player game in accordance with the Elder Scrolls license



  • Massively
  • Ten Ton Hammer
  • PC Gamer

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