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    The Quakecon 2014 is coming to an end and although we could not be there, social networks and the conference gave us many images.


    Oddie le Guar

    Guars are creatures that you come across all the time in the game. And they're great for making stuffed animals. Moreover, one of these Guar plush toys accompanied the developers during the event.

    In scout mode Ready for Q&A Hey Matt! Can you give me your number?

    It's not all but I need a snack Our team will win!

    Arena PvP Tournament

    The Quakecon also hosted a PvP tournament with 3 teams of 4 players competing in a dedicated arena.

    Mostly Harmless winners

    PC cases

    Some have had fun designing computer cases in the colors of the franchise.

    Conference images

    The Imperial City


    Veteran / Champion System


    Justice System



    Armor and weapons

    • Kothringi Ceremonial
    • Morag Tong
    • Dark Brotherhood
    • Thieves Guild
    Kothringi Ceremonial Armor Kothringi Ceremonial Weapons

    Morag Tong Armor Morag Tong Weapons

    Dark Brotherhood Armor Dark Brotherhood Weapons

    Thieves Guild Armor Thieves Guild Weapons

    • Glass set
    • Ebonheart PvP Armor
    • Indomitable
    Glass weapons

    High-level PvP armor for Ebonheart

    Indomitable armor set from an Indomitable chest

    • Imperial Daedric Armor
    • Dwemer Armor


    Murkmire Adventure Zone


    Zone solo Wrothgar


    What are your favorite images?

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