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As with all skill trees, skills may change before the game is released and therefore the tables are only indicative, they are subject to change.

Translations of skill names are not official and will be updated once their final names are known.

Races of the Ebonheart Pact

  • Argonien
  • Dunmer
  • Nordic

Argonians specialize in recovery and disease resistance. This must be due to their natural marshy environment, conducive to disease. They make good healers

The Dunmers specialize in fire both in damage and resistance, their native province being predominantly volcanic. They are also good ambidextrous

The Nordics have an increased resistance to the cold. Skyrim being a very snowy province ... They have a particular affinity with massive weapons (2 hands)


Breeds of Domaine Aldmeri

  • Altmer
  • Bosmer
  • Khajiit

The Altmers are particularly fond of elemental offensive magic, they have learned to master their magicka regeneration better than other races.

Bosmers are born archers, knowing how to be discreet and conserve their vigor.

The Khajiit are masters in the art of discretion and deviousness. They can be all excellent assassins and have remarkable physical strength.


Races of the Daggerfall Alliance

  • Breton
  • Orc
  • Redguard

The Bretons compete with the Altmers in the manipulation of magic. More generic than the Altmers, they nevertheless have access to more magicka and spell resistance than other races.

Orcs are born warriors specializing in blacksmithing and heavy armor, they are capable of a lot of resistance against frontal attacks.

The Redguards are swordsmen and esthetes in fencing, they also specialize in the use of a shield and know how to save their breath in combat.


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