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The basic interface of The Elder Scrolls Online is very refined, it's quite surprising for an MMORPG, and it can destabilize some players who, like me, like to have all the information directly on the screen, without having to navigate in such or such game menu. I was showing you how to install an extension. If you've followed the steps correctly, you should now be ready to install a bunch of add-ons that will make your gaming sessions more enjoyable.

A problem remains, however. Even if at the moment the number of available extensions is still quite limited, there is a good chance that the number of available add-ons will explode very quickly. And getting lost in the jungle is never a good thing. That's why I've put together a small selection of add-ons that I find very useful and that could potentially please you:

  • Foundry Tactical Combat (abbreviated FTC): probably the essential add-on of the moment, FTC does a lot of things, it changes your basic interface for a more detailed interface which will give you a whole lot of useful information! It will display the damage you take and inflict with each hit thanks to the scrolling text on the screen, it will display the buffs and debuffs (respectively improvements and debuffs) you are the victim of and it will allow you to reposition the various elements of your interface. A must-have for those who like to know what they are doing in combat.

FTC in action

  • Combat Log Statistics (abbreviated CLS): CLS is based on FTC, which we talked about just above, it will allow you to have a very complete history of the damage and care that you have received and given in a separate window that you are free to move wherever you want. It's always good to keep track of what you've had on the face! You can also use a kikimeter (basically a little box that shows you your damage and healing per second, it lets you see if you're within a certain standard or not, not as accurate as Recount, but that's still it) .
  • Inventory Grid View : its name is quite explicit, this extension will allow you to display your inventory in the form of a grid, more traditional in the MMO genre, more practical and above all less confusing than the basic inventory in the form of a list.
  • LootDrop : a very simple, yet essential add-on, if you are in automatic loot, it will allow you to keep an eye on the items, gold and experience that you gain each time you kill a monster, return a quest, etc ... A must-have.
  • Multi-Quest Tracker (abbreviated MQT): basic, you can only display one quest at a time on TESO and switch from one quest to another by pressing "T", but thanks to MQT, you will be able to display all your quests at the same time, which will save you a little time, since it will not be compulsory to have to go from one quest to another without stopping.
  • Recount : if you've ever played World of Warcraft, you have most certainly heard of Recount, the tool that allows you to know who has the biggest of the group by comparing his DPS and his HPS. Well he's back on THESE and does the same, with a little less detail at the moment. But no doubt that all this will be improved soon (as it is, it does the same thing as CLS, but it's a bit lighter and takes up less space on the interface, which is good to know if you want to keep the interface as light as possible).
  • Wykkyd's Framework : this Framework does a lot of things, but can be quite complex to use, it adds 48 potential macros, allows you to store your weapons automatically when leaving combat, adds a font to the cat (and must be said, it's really practical! ) and most importantly, adds a toolbar at the top of the screen, just above the compass, which displays a bunch of information (the time, the zone you are in, your level, your gold , the number of places in your inventory ...). Very useful if you don't want to memorize all the shortcuts in the game.
  • ZrMiniMap : here it is, the mini-map that many have been asking for. And in addition, it is already very functional. If you are tired of opening your card every 2 seconds, there is no doubt that this extension will quickly prove to be essential!

Here is a preview of my interface after installing all this!

I will try to make new articles every now and then if I find new addons that are cool. See you soon in Tamriel!

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