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What would you do if you had the chance to have a bunker while a nuclear device was going to hit your town? Play as Ted and his family to get a feel for it all. Just one question ... do you like tomato soup?



It couldn't be simpler: you are Ted, you must prepare in 60 seconds, watch in hand, for the nuclear apocalypse and must take as many things as possible to survive what is to follow. Good luck friend!

Will you survive a diet of tomato soups and plain water?


Graphics and atmosphere

Here, it is a very largely secondary point because you will often only have a still image being modified only by your choices and the state of your characters for the survival phase of the game. rather interesting to him and faithfully transcribes their physical and mental state. For the collection mode, it is quite simple but effective.



Collection: you will start with this mode which, depending on the difficulty mode, will give you between 20 seconds and nothing at all to prepare yourself. You will be able to carry a limited number of items that will make you go back and forth between the shelter area and the different rooms, which will also force you to choose your items and your family wisely. What if you never made it to the shelter area? Well, your family will get by without you and won't have Ted for the rest, the survival phase.

Survival: here we have the heart of the game. You will have to ration the water, the tomato soup, the medicines and the various things that you brought during the collection phase. In addition, you will need to manage the mood of your characters, as well as their health in order to be able to send them on an expedition. Expeditions are just another way of successfully collecting food. For this you will need to choose the right equipment, the right person, and luck if you want to see your brave "volunteers" come back alive.

Crucial choices: sometimes you will have to choose between two choices that may help or permanently handicap you. For example, someone bangs your bunker, you will have the choice between opening and letting it hit. You will be able to have penalties in both cases but, in one, it will be a missed night's sleep and, in the other, injuries, looting, etc ... just as this can bring people helped to you return the favour. You will not be able to know until you have opened.

Challenge mode: here, it's mostly about doing small challenges to collect items on a list in order to get a hat for Ted, or the whole family. These are exactly the same rules as collecting: a little preparation time and, then, 60 seconds to collect everything.


My opinion

This game is really fun in small doses, a part or two. Beyond that, it will quickly become repetitive and the list of challenges remains fairly short and fairly straightforward for the moment. Tsar Bomba mode (the hard mode) offers a fairly high difficulty and will take a lot of time and luck to hold out for a long time. At the time of this writing, I have yet to find out whether there is an end or not.

However, during the end of games by death or disappearance of your characters, you will see a list of actions, successful or failed, day after day, which will give you a small idea of ​​the mistakes not to make again.



To conclude, it's an entertaining game for a few hours if you like the genre, but the forbidding side may weigh heavily in the balance. The fixed aspect of the characters in the survival phase may also put off some, even if this gives a fairly good-natured charm despite the catastrophic situation of the characters. All in all, a cool game for the price, despite the lack of interactions.

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