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Albion Online sees a major update coming in the sweet name of Galahad !

Indeed the developers at Sandbox Interactive put their heart into the work when it comes to rectifying the shot at them MMORPG sandbox always in open beta. They are concerned with releasing a perfectly playable game, and who can blame them?

They attacked THE, or should I say, the hearts of the game, namely the cities!

Real platforms for social and commercial exchanges, they are essential to the game's balance. Yes, but here it is, until then they were all similar. You had visited one, you had visited them all. This left little room for the call to travel and discovery.

The idea was to rethink each of them. Each linked to a specific biome, they will be revamped, reorganized and above all will be the privileged center of the exchange of resources relating to the attached biome.

Let's take a closer look at these different cities.


The forest town

A city founded on the remains of an ancient castle and invaded by the majestic trees which seem to tell us that they are at home here!

This town was nevertheless taken over by the Royal Expedition Forces, and they made it a prosperous little town.


The swamp city

This city has its feet in the water! Built on ruins half-sunk in the marsh, it has adapted to its environment and has seen small bridges grow everywhere, which gives it a Venetian charm!

It represents well the humid environment of the swamp biome.


The city of Steppes

The stage is set ! Here you will feel like you are in the west in a western town, a windswept and dusty town that tries to resist the aridity.

A true refuge for travelers, it will bring comfort to those who are simply passing through or those who want to live there.


The mountainous city

Travelers suffering from vertigo, go your way! The mountainous town is on the side of a rock face and offers a spectacular view over the valley.

The houses are hung on the mountain which also contributes to the desired effect of best representing this biome.


The city of the Hauts Plateaux

A true fortress, it had to protect itself from the recurring attacks of the former Guardians of Albion who consider the place to be their holy land.

You will also see the scars of past battles there.


The central city

Heart of the royal continent, but also the historic heart of Albion, this city was the setting for tragic events in ancient times. The tragedies that have taken place here in the past have left their mark, which is what explains the living dead and other creepy creatures lurking all around. The latter is built on an old fortress and is in the center of a red zone. We must therefore deserve it!

But it is an inescapable point for all good merchants, criminals without faith nor law, and the most reckless adventurers. To perfect this city at the center of everything, you needed a touch of mystery, you will not be disappointed as it contains so many secrets. Full of tunnels and secret passages, it is quite possible to enter or leave the city without being seen!

So will you rather feel at home in the heat of the steppes? The humidity of the swamps? Or in the cold of the mountains?


Cities on video with Robin Henkys


What do you think of these new cities?

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