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Empires & Puzzles is a new mobile game, intelligently combining puzzle games where you have to align colored blocks, card / hero collection games but also management games. Let's start with a video to do it right:

Thanks to a code given by the editor, I was able to start a few days ago and embark on the adventure ... Here we go!

A tutorial guides my first steps on the title, a beginner's part after a fairly nice dialogue exchange in speech bubbles between drawn characters. Then it's time to test the puzzle aspect where you have to make lines (horizontal or vertical) of at least 3 elements. When they are enough, the elements disappear and hit the monsters that are above in line. By creating sets of 4 or more, this creates special gems with greater effects. In order to maximize damage, aim correctly (there's no point in launching an attack on the right if they're all on the left) and using the right element.

Indeed, as indicated at the top left of the second screenshot, there is a principle of stronger, weaker, where some elements are more effective than others against given enemies.

The puzzles are accessible from a map, presented in the form of mini-campaigns to be completed to accomplish certain missions. The key is loot, whether at the end of each successful fight or by completing an area. To start a game, it takes 2 to 3 Empire energy, which regenerates over time. And if you're lazy to play, there's even an auto mode that aligns blocks and unlocks hero abilities.

Because, as you can see at the bottom of the game screens, my team is made up of five heroes. They are represented in the form of cards, arriving with levels, evolutions, special abilities ... Heroes can level up (by consuming an unused card from another hero) or evolve using components (and a huge amount of food).


Of course, the stronger the team, the easier it will be to move forward in the puzzle part because the heroes launch abilities that recharge over time and inflict significant damage on enemies. A great addition to redial blocks when there is simply no combination in the right place!

The last component of the game is reminiscent of management games, with a fortress to progress. Different buildings are to be placed, such as the forge to create the healing potions, the training camp to transform the loot into a hero's card, the mine to collect iron for the progress of most buildings or the watchtower. to access PvP battles (raids). This aspect does not seem very developed to me, do not wait for a significant depth or a high difficulty, it is not the heart of the game and I see it more as an improved menu. However, we welcome the idea of ​​this presentation, offering an additional dimension to a game that already mixes genres.

A premium currency (blue gems) allows you to go faster, collect food, heal your team or buy flags to start PvE battles (16 by default at my level) and PvP battles (6 ). Of course you can pay, there is also a video to watch every day which gives a bit of it. I did not have a boost from my account for this test and I currently have 193. Not enough to offer me an epic hero summon (300) but still enough to spend some slowdowns that annoy me. I haven't felt any blockages yet, and unless you're playing non-stop for a long time, you won't really need to spend gems.

Fun without being the game of the century, Empires & Puzzles successfully mixes genres and delivers great entertainment on mobile. You can have a good time without the hassle, and even start the daily parts of the map in auto mode if you are short of time. Do not hesitate to test, the game is available for free on the App Store and Google Play:

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