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To continue my series of articles, I will now tell you about an original game that costs only 640 dust: the 640p Warlock (or LowCost Warlock)! This warlock deck is quick to pick up and is based on a low mana cost creature system.

Most of the time, a deck that claims to be Low Cost is more "Aggro" or aggressive oriented. This one is more of a "Zoo" type (almost like creatures). However, it does have a few spells.

How to play the deck?

The Fires of the Soul are there to finish or to destroy a servant a little too cumbersome, as with the Overwhelming Powers. 1 mana creatures like Flame Imps and Leper Gnomes are here to have a quick game. Creatures with Charge are great for creating a combo with Overwhelming Power and thus making an answer or an ending.

Do not hesitate to draw because there are various ways to heal yourself (with the Voodoo Doctor and the Drain of Life.)

Minions like the Harvest Golem are there to give you the card advantage, as your opponent will need to use at least 2 cards to deal with it whether it's a spell card and a creature, or of 2 creatures.

Filling up your table quickly is dangerous but necessary in order to do maximum damage and to put your opponent in a situation where he is forced to control the table. You should therefore try to always keep one (or two) creature card (s) in your hand (preferably creatures like the Murloc Tidal Chaser which summons a token). Silence with Spellbreaker, very useful for passing creatures with taunt, is the most expensive card in this deck.

To find this article on video, with additional explanations and demonstration matches:

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