HearthStone: Tips for 12 Arena Wins # 2

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Here is the rest of the guide to 12 victories in arenas: the choice of neutral cards. For the choice of the character, I refer you to the previous article. The aim of this article is to present the principle of choice. For all the details, I encourage you to watch the video.

The goal in the arena is to quickly take control of the table to ensure a good start to the game, which will normally allow you to have a good mid game and successfully kill your opponent. To do this, you must have between 10 and 15 playable creature cards for 2 or 3 mana crystals. Lots of creatures at this mana cost can give you a big card advantage (like the infamous Harvest Golem).

Your mana curve should therefore (ideally) be centered on 3 mana points with also a lot of 2 mana points.

The mana cost of creatures is an essential element in taking the correct cards. To make this ranking, there is a simple rule: the mana cost should generally be equal to half of the stats. For example, a creature that costs 4 mana points should ideally have 8 stat points and a power. For example, Sen'jin's Master Shield is a very good card. On the other hand, a bad choice would be the Loot Bay Guard because for 5 mana points, you have 9 stat points (5/4) and Taunt. A creature is considered resistant if it has 3 or 5 hit points, since most table cleanups are 2 or 4 hit points.

The first 15 cards you have to choose are to be taken by following this rule. Then, you have to make the most judicious choices possible, depending on the cards you already have. You have to remember that it is preferable in an arena to also have cards to perform table cleaning (such as a Flame Shock or a Sweep depending on your class).

For all the information, here is the link to the full video (over 51 minutes):

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