DBZ Dokkan Battle - The Supreme Secret (Goku SSBK)

And it's finally the day of the arrival of the Dokkan event of Goku SSBK on the global version of Dokkan Battle. In this article, you can find the different events as well as the different teams that will allow you to pass the missions. This event will allow you to evolve different characters thanks to the event's medals:


Level 1 - A never-ending fight

At the moment, there is only one level available on the event with two difficulty levels. Z-Hard level costs 40 ACT for 2  and the SUPER 50 ACT level for 7 . As you can imagine, the difficulty is not at all the same in the two levels and the SUPER level adds mechanics and an additional opponent. Whatever the difficulty, you will face the following opponents in turn:

+   (in super)

Aside from the fact that the different opponents inflict a lot of damage, the difficulty in Z-Hard is not very complicated but you will have to do it again a lot of times if you want to evolve several characters. If you want to go faster, you will have to turn to the second level where you will have to face an additional opponent who has the particularity of taking damage only if you are in special attack.
Let's talk about the team now, as always, there are not 36 solutions because the fights are quite long. I offer 3 mono-color teams, one of which is quite accessible because it is mainly composed of easily obtainable characters:

Some explanations concerning the teams, however, to prepare well and make certain changes if necessary:

  • Team 1 : the mono-agility team has already proven itself on the various events, the goal will be mainly to block attacks with Super-Vegeto to absorb the damage. If you see that you have a problem with the special attacks, you can take Murasaki.
  • Team 2 & 3 : Since your main opponents are AGI, your best bet is to start with a TEC team. Keep in mind that Gotenks SSJ3 is your character that will deal the most damage (alternate 11 and 12 KI attacks).

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