HearthStone: how to get gold?

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Hello my little friends from Games Managers! I introduce myself The tick from the KaegysTV YouTube channel. I'll be your new HearthStone Specialist!

I'm not going to redo a presentation of the game, nor will I explain the basics of this game to you (the explanations of the game are very clear in the tutorial). For this first article, I will instead show you the different ways to get gold (or cards) quickly in HearthStone.

Because yes, gold is scarce at the beginning whereas it is the currency of the game which allows to obtain packs of cards or access to the arena. So when you're new to HearthStone, you wonder how to get that precious gold. Some even wonder if it is better not to invest a few euros. It is very far from being an obligation!

Already you have the daily quest (between 40 and 100 gp) once a day. You also have a 10 coin bonus when you get 3 wins. Finally, there are the arenas, but here I will tell you about the "unique" quests.

Now let's see the different (more or less) hidden rewards of the game!

  • Complete a match in game mode: 1 pack
  • Play 3 matches in game: 1 pack
  • Reach level 10 with a class: 1 pack
  • Perform 100 matches (even if it's 100 losses): 300 gold
  • Unlock all heroes (defeat them all in "normal" mode): 100 gold
  • Defeat all heroes as an expert: 100 gold
  • Have all base cards: 100 gold
  • Complete 1000 matches or have all characters level 10
  • Play a match on an Ipad tablet: 1 pack


For more information on daily quests or "per collection" earnings I invite you to watch the video below:



Hope you learned some things from this article and see you soon for more HearthStone tips!

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