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Available since yesterday, the first wing of Naxxramas Already gives some players cold sweats who rub themselves against it in heroic mode and get beaten like bruises by bosses doped with health points and with very powerful powers compared to normal mode. But we are not going to complain, at least the difficulty is there!

For those who want to access the heroic mode of The Curse of Naxxramas, know that you must first have defeated the bosses of the wing in normal mode. It shouldn't take too long, the difficulty is quite low, and any deck should do. Now it's time for the heroic mode guide!



Probably the most difficult boss in this first quarter. It is in any case the one that seems to pose the most problem for players because of its high number of life points (45) and its power. Swarming which allows to summon a Nerubian with 4 attack points and as many life points. In addition, the single player mode necessarily makes you play first, which guarantees an additional crystal to the opponent, who will almost never hesitate to use it and thus summon a relatively powerful minion from the first turn.

To beat this first boss, I used a druid deck recommended by the hearthpwn site and which will cost you less than 1000 dust! The cards won in the normal mode of this first district will be quite useful to you to overcome this nasty spider.

As you can see, it takes a lot of play with Taunt cards to contain the opponent's repeated assaults. The capacities balayage, Stellar Fire et Anger will get rid of several enemy minions at the same time, which will allow you to attack the enemy fairly quickly. To avoid too much damage, use as soon as possible Changeforme to gain some armor (and attack the critter). If that's not enough, Healing Touch should get you back on your feet.

More details on the deck via this HearthHead link, which allows you to create decks directly on the site and have lots of interesting statistics.


Great Widow Faerlina

For the second boss of this first district, it will also be necessary to be wary. It's not the 45 hit points that will be of greatest concern here, but rather his special power. Rain of fire which costs only one mana crystal on Heroic difficulty and shoots as many missiles as you have cards in hand (each missile inflicting one point of damage).

As you will have understood, it will be necessary to arrange to have as few cards as possible in hand to limit the impact of this devastating spell. Also pay attention to the map Worshiper which can quickly become problematic due to the buff that increases Faerlina's attack by 3 for 1 turn.

The deck used against Anub'Rekhan may do the trick if you are lucky enough with your initial hand, but here I share Adurin's deck (for those allergic to English, I remade the deck on HearthHead), still on the hearthpwn site, for just under 1 arcane dust! Small bonus, this deck is also viable, even if less practical than the previous one, to defeat the first boss of the Quarter of the Arachnids.



Surprisingly, the last boss in the Arachnid Quarter is the easiest in Heroic difficulty, I managed to beat it after a few tries with a paladin deck that cost me nothing in Arcane Dust. Interlining, her special power, allows Maexxna to return 2 opposing minions to her opponent's hand. To be able to attack it, it will therefore be necessary to use spells and use monsters with Charge or a Battle Cry inflicting damage. The map Elf Archer is very useful for starting to deal damage early in the game and picking up the card after the giant spider uses its cursed ability. Consecration also allows the field to be cleaned quite effectively. Finally, if you have any health concerns, Sacred light et Truesilver Champion should resolve the issue effectively.

The deck, created by Mazajin, is available on the HearthHead site in more detail, and looks like a card close to mine. I preferred the Blessing of Power à Humility.


We'll meet again next week for the guide on the second wing of Naxxramas, the Plague Quarter, which will cost, as a reminder, 700 gold. Until then, have a good game and good farming!

One of the bosses of the second quarter

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