Shadow Realms: What about the community?

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Let's focus for a moment on the community, on the team that will manage it and on the way in which the content will be inserted on the different networks: blogs, social media ...


Our team

SWTOR players will certainly recognize these names, as indeed, it is the same team that runs this other game from Bioware.

  • Eric Musco : Community Manager, it is generally him that we see intervening most often during livestreams or direct interactions with the community.
  • Courtney Woods : she carries out more work in the shadows, she is responsible for the content on blogs, social networks, etc.
  • Tait Watson : he takes care of reporting bugs, writes and publishes patch-notes.
  • Hillary Nicole : it manages the relations between fansites, youtuber, podcaster, etc.


The contents

Each week will be devoted to a particular theme: for example, Week of the Assassin, Week of Embra ... and the information will be given by several means: : the goal is to post 3 entries per week on the blog. On Monday will be posted the first part and will reveal the theme of the week. On Thursday a second part and every Friday, a summary will be offered, with "the week in Embra".

Social Networks : you can also find a lot of information on social networks. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, YouTube.

Livestream Twitch Seeing the game in action is also important, and there are plans to stream the game regularly.



Social Networks : as indicated above, they will be a source of information, but can also be used to communicate with the team.

Official Forums : for the moment not yet open, but it will not be long.

Reddit : the official channel for SHadow Realms.

Activities : no other events announced for the moment, but there will be more.

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