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Add-ons are landing en masse on EsoUI, the community is hyper active and everyone lets go of their small extension, more or less useful and functional, which is why I am going to offer you a second selection of Add-ons that can potentially improve your gaming experience.

  • Spam filter : An extension which will quickly prove essential given the number of goldsellers already present in the game, it provides the basic functions for the moment, namely: add spammers to your blacklist. Automatic reporting is expected soon. For the worried, don't worry, this add-on manages to effectively detect spammers and very rarely adds "innocent" people to the list of ignored people.
  • Dustman : Most MMORPGs offer this basic "Sell unnecessary / gray" function, but not The Elder Scrolls Online. It is therefore Garkin who offers a small extension which will "mark" unnecessary items in the inventory and which will allow you to sell all this automatically when you meet a merchant.
  • Tatters (need Wykkyd's Framework 1.0): The equipment deteriorates in ESO, it loses durability as you fight and die, and the greater the damage, the less bonus you will receive from your various pieces of armor. Tatters shows you the status of your equipment in a small window. If the latter is black, don't worry, you keep all your armor bonuses. If the window turns yellow, it's because your equipment is below 75% durability, you will lose some of the effects of your armor, but keep your passive bonuses, and finally, if the window turns red, it's when your armor has reached 0% durability, in other words, you are naked, you will no longer be granted any bonus until you have repaired your equipment.
  • Guild Or Friend : Not necessarily useful, but nice, if you point a player with the cursor, you will know if he is in your guild or in your friend list.
  • pChat : Makes the cat more classic, more colorful and more readable. You will be able to customize the guild tag for each of your guilds, and choose between displaying the account name or the nickname of the characters. A timestamp function is also available.


Now I will tell you aboutEsoHead. MMO players are probably already familiar with databases Wow head, RiftHead, etc ... all are part of the ZAM portal. They decided to develop a database for The Elder Scrolls Online, and once again relies on the community of players to fulfill it as well as possible. Why am I telling you about that in this guide? Quite simply because Add-ons using EsoHead are available and will fill the database and help you during your travels in Tamriel.

  • EsoHead : The root extension, it will necessarily be necessary to communicate with the database. Alone, EsoHead is not very useful, it stores and sends data on the position of different resource spots, or on the items you get, but does not display anything except a vague "EsoHead addon initialized. Debugging is disabled." when you log in.
  • EsoHead Markers : The ultimate add-on for farmers, it displays on the map all the resource points listed in the database EsoHead and even displays those nearby in the compass via a small option to activate (I invite you to enter "/ compass 1" in the chat and see for yourself). Of course, everything is configurable thanks to the various filters which will allow you to display only the resources which interests you personally.

That's it, that's all for this 2nd selection of Add-ons, we'll see you soon for number 3, which will arrive fairly quickly if I trust the rate of publications of all the extensions.

Quick question: would you like me to provide a guide on how to configure certain Add-ons, and if so, which ones?

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