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Starting a new game can sometimes be difficult: you get lost on the map, you don't know which quest to choose, new events suddenly happen without you being responsible for their appearance ... it's frustrating and you don't understand anything. This is where the Pharmacopoeia from Wildstar is helpful. Indeed it will serve as your guide. It is divided into four sub-categories:

  • the "quest log" quests
  • your vocation "path"
  • the "challenges"
  • achievements "achievements"


Quest log

It comes in the form of quest log, with location, difficulty, quest objective and reward. You can also filter your journal to view your current quests, those you have completed and those you have skipped (bottom left in the image).



It's yours vocation: soldier, settler, scientist or explorer. At the top of the image, you see your current rank and the next one with the experience needed to reach it as well as the rewards for each rank. Just below are the descriptions of your vocation quests with those in progress and those completed.



All of this challenges appear when you are in the affected area and will trigger after completing the challenge action. These challenges are classified by area and by genre. They can be triggered by killing a monster, capturing butterflies, etc.
Challenges have a cooldown and can therefore be completed multiple times.
You can also filter your challenges (at the top of the image): "cooldown", these are the ones which recharge, "reward" these are the rewards of the challenges that you forgot to collect, "ready" are the ready challenges.



We no longer present this tool because it is famous, it is simply the succès or achievements that will make you known on Nexus! These achievements are classified into several categories: vocation, exploration, PvP, dungeon, raid, etc ...
You can filter the achievements to view those you can do alone or in a guild (top left in the image). There is another filter (top right in the image) that allows you to rank your achievements: those that give rewards, those you've completed, and those in progress.


Have you already racked up a lot of beta achievements?

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