Riders of Icarus - Start as Berserk / Berserker

It is not always easy to understand and assimilate all the intricacies of a class during our first fights with it. This short guide will introduce you to the different skills of the early Berserk (from level 1 to 10) and how to use them.


Spells and their uses

You will find below the spells in spanish and English.



We start our Berserk career with two skills: Double Perforation/Double Slash et Slicer / Rising Cutter. The Berserk needs Rage to use certain attacks. With Double Perforation/Double Slash, you generate 5 Rage points. As for Slicer / Rising Cutter, it needs 5 Rage points to be used. You can therefore deduce that we will start with one or two Double Perforation/Double Slash before launching Slicer / Rising Cutter. This skill is loading, you will have to keep your button pressed until the bar is fully charged for maximum damage. The enemy will also be repelled.


At level 3 you get Smash / Brute Smash et Shoulder Charge / Shoulder Load: 

  • Shoulder Charge / Shoulder Charge allows you to charge at your target and generate 20 Rage points. Note that its damage and Rage generation vary depending on your health.
  • Smash / Brute Smash is to be used after Slicer / Rising Cutter, in combo to increase its damage and effects.

Smash / Brute Smash requires 35 Rage points, Slicer / Rising Cutter 5, so you will need 40 Rage points to complete this combo. With Shoulder Charge / Shoulder Charge you will get 20 minimum, then you will have to do 5 Double Perforation/Double Slash maximum to arrive at 40. The number of Double Perforations to do depends on what Shoulder Charge / Shoulder Charge will have earned you (from 20 to 30 Rage depending on your health). Smash / Brute Smash is done in 2 moves, it will be necessary to press your key a first time, then a second while holding it down the time to load the skill for more efficiency.

Summary: Shoulder Charge / Shoulder Charge > Double perforation/Double Slash up to 40 Rage points> Slicer / Rising Cutter to load> Smash / Brute Smash via the R key.


At level 5, you unlock Leaping Slash, Mighty Roar / Mighty Roar and Adrenaline rush.
Just like Shoulder Charge / Shoulder Charge, Leaping Slash is a charge but this time will consume 25 Rage. It is then interesting to do first Mighty Roar / Mighty Roar, which grants you, among other effects, 30 rage points. Finally Adrenaline Rush is a passive that activates when a skill, such as Slicer / Rising Cutter, is fully charged. It gives you Strength, more health and regeneration of the latter as well as Rage.

At level 7 only one skill is added: Thunderous kick. It will be used to interrupt the target when it charges a skill. Thunderous kick also charges elsewhere. On the first charge, it knocks the target down. Per second, it increases damage by 60% and pushes her back. Finally, for the third charge, it increases damage by 120% and also knocks the target back. It's up to you to decide when to use it.
If you charge Thunderous Kick / Thunderous kick, you will be able to perform a combo with Shoulder Charge / Shoulder Charge to get back to your target.

Finally, at level 10, is added Triple Slash / Triple perforation. In combo, it is used after Fracas/Brute Smash. Triple Slash/Triple perforation  consists of 3 hits: The first simply deals damage, the second, at level 18, will stun the target and finally the third has a loadout. Phase 1 of loading pushes the target back, both increases damage by 60% and pushes them back as well. Finally the charge 3, that is to say the full charge of the skill increases the damage by 120% and pushes the target back. Note that critical hits will destabilize the enemy.
Let's summarize the different possible combos:

  • Shoulder Charge / Shoulder Charge > Double perforation/Double Slash until enough Rage> Slicer / Rising Cutter to load> Smash / Brute Smash via the R key> Triple Perforation / Triple Slash (R)
  • Thunderous kick when you need to interrupt a target skill. This will be followed by  Shoulder Charge / Shoulder Charge to come back to your enemy.
  • Mighty Roar / Mighty Roar> Leaping Slash and we continue with Double Perforation / Double Slash until enough Rage> Slicer / Rising Cutter to load> Smash / Brute Smash via the R key> Triple Perforation / Triple Slash (R).


You now have a good foundation to start your career as a Berserker on Riders of Icarus! Do not hesitate to send us your suggestions and comments to refine this little guide for beginners.

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