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In TESO, exploration is a very important part of the game. In order to reward players who invest in this field, the developers have implemented celestial shards, hidden and spread across all of Tamriel (and even in Ice Haven)

Celestial Shards allow you to acquire skill points every time you find three.

At the start of the game, in Ice Haven, the Prophet summons 1 first Celestial Shard in front of you in the tutorial. Following this you will be able to find 320 other shards in the world, which adds up to 321 shardsEither 107 skill points potential

The starting islands have 6 celestial shards (6 for the Perchoir de Khenarthi, 6 in Morneroc & Bal Foyen, and 6 in Stros M'Kai and Betnikh). Thereafter each of the 5 zones of an alliance has 16 shards. Icehave, which is the high level zone in PvE, also contains 16, for a total of 16x16 shards in PvE.

The shards are filed in your achievement log with descriptions and clues of their location. Each time, including for Havreglace, the 9 first shards on the list are in the open in an area, the Next 6 are in the 6 solo cellars and dungeons from the same area, and the last is in the public dungeon from this same area.

In Cyrodiil, in PvP, shards are classified into 4 categories. 15 shards in each controlled region by a faction (including the last 6 in the 6 solo cellars / dungeons of the same region) and finally there is a final celestial shard of a feat in itself, totally isolated on top of a mountain (which is located in the region under the initial control of the Ebony Heart Pact)

With the help of fellow TESO-Life sites, but also Esohead, Tesotools, and a little personal research, we are able to tell you the location of each Celestial Shard in the game.


Legend: In the following images, the celestial shards are in some cases numbered, and for other cards colored.

  • If they are numbered: from 1 to 9 the shards are in the open, from 10 to 15 they are in the solo dungeons, the 16 is in the public dungeon of the zone
  • If they are colored without a distinctive number: the whites are in the open air, the sky blue are in the solo dungeons, the green is in the public dungeon of the zone. Exception: the unique red glow at the top of the mountain in the Cyrodiil map.


Aldmeri Estate

Khenarthi's roost


Graht wood


Malabal Tor

March of the Camarde



Ebonheart Pact

Morneroc Island

Bal Foyen





The breach


Daggerfall Alliance

Stros M'Kai



Storm Haven


Alik'R Desert






Do not hesitate to visit our sources, TESO-Life, But also Esohead et Tesotools.


And you, do you plan to collect all the Celestial Shards as well?

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