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When you start in The Elder Scrolls Online, you can quickly ask yourself a crucial question: where to find skill points ? It quickly becomes obvious that you win 1 every level, but that's far from the only way, believe me.

As indicated in the introduction, we earn 1 point at all levels. As there are 50 levels, we thus gain 50 skill points (no point at level 1 but 1 point gained at the end of the tutorial). Subsequently, once level 50, we will climb the ranks of veteran.

  • Points obtained with levels : 50 points

As you walked around, you have certainly already seen the celestial shards, those great wells of light that descend from the sky. It's hard to miss them. For every 3 shards you activate you get a skill point. So there are 321 Celestial Shards that we have referenced for you. If you don't want to exit the game, you can use the SkyShards extension which will allow you to locate them easily.

  • Points obtained with celestial shards : 107 points

If you like PvP then go for it. Each rank you climb grants you one skill point. There are 50 PvP ranks, 25 Rank One and 25 Rank 2. The first ranks go up quite quickly, these are skill points that are easy to obtain from level 10.

  • Points obtained with the PvP : 50 points

There, it becomes more random, but there are also quests which will give skill points. It is difficult to know in advance which quests are to be done and which quests are not to be done. Finally, we systematically obtain 1 skill point at the end of each keep. At the last count, there are 17 dungeons.

  • Points obtained with dungeons : at least 17 points

These points will then be able to be spent in skills, or changes in skills. Once enough experience is gathered in a skill tree, you can also acquire an ultimate skill. These skills require a special resource obtained by fighting.

If you made a mistake, rest assured. You can reset them by going to a Retraining Altar. You can find them in the following cities (level 20 zones):

  • Faneracine - Domaine Aldmeri
  • Holding poie - Daggerfall Alliance
  • Longsanglot - Ebonheart Pact


If you have any good tips for identifying quests that earn skill points, don't hesitate!

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