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Prasin is one of the largest regions of Val-Boisé and is filled with lush flora and fauna and traversed by numerous rivers.

Prasin is the third main quest area of ​​Aldmeri Estate and is accessible by each faction, at the following levels:

  • Aldmeri Estate : level 24 to 31 zone
  • The Daggerfall Alliance : Accessible via the Cadwell Silver Almanac. 
  • Because of Ebony Heart : Accessible via the Cadwell Gold Almanac. 



Prasin has about fifty places to explore. There is also a public group dungeon and a private group dungeon as well as three places to make sets.

  • City
  • Notable places
  • Caves - Ruins - mines
  • dungeons
  • Outside bosses

  • Departure point of the zone : Marbruk
  • Hearth

  • The Trameur's house
  • Vullain the dread

  • The Driladan pass

  • Bramble
  • Landes d'Ombrume
  • The grove of Aigueracine
  • The spring site of Falinesti
  • The Verrant leaflet

  • Vercors

  • The Val Coiffé
  • The snake cave

  • The corner of the shadows
  • The Coastal Sanctuary

  • Labyrinth
  • Hectahame
  • Lunehenge

  • Private group dungeon : City of Ashes

  • Public dungeon : The fall of the Rulanyil

  • To me by Gurzag
  • Carac Dena
  • Naril Nagaïa
  • Haridelle's lair
  • The souracine
  • The Tertre trench

  • Pelda Tarn
  • The Reconnaissance camp
  • The source of Aigueracine
  • The Gathongor Quagmire
  • The panorama of Thondunlor
  • The Maormer camp
  • Anchors
  • Mundus Stones
  • Points of interest
  • Oratorical

  • The dolmen of the Cour du Roi-Nature
  • The dolmen of the Sunken Coast
  • The Moelle du Vert dolmen

  • Shadow - Increases critical damage by 5%
  • The Atronach - Increases magic regeneration by 5%
  • The Serpent - Increases health regeneration out of combat by 5%

  • Arananga - Used to craft the set Present from Magnus
  • Root Watchtower - Used to craft the set Ecorce d'Hist
  • Lanalda's Pond - Use to craft the set Blancserpent

  • The Gushnukbut camp
  • The Hollow Cave
  • The fisherman's rest
  • The Coastal Overhang
  • The valley of stone chimneys
  • The echo pool
  • The rest of the two falls

  • The oratory of Marbruk
  • The Labyrinth Oratory
  • The oratory of Vercors
  • The oratory of Foyeraie
  • The snake cave oratory
  • The Coastal Sanctuary
  • The oratory of Falinesti
  • The oratory of the Fondrière du Verrant
  • The oratory of Lunehenge



Heavenly Shards

Prasin has a total of sixteen Celestial Shards spread across the map as well as in the dungeons. Here are the clues to find them.

  • Prasin's Celestial Shard Hunter
  1. Escape the maze of words and stones.
  2. In the collapsed fort where shadows crawl.
  3. A fresh breath for the mages of Marbruk.
  4. Find an ecclesiastical suburb near the sea.
  5. Where the moor becomes the rampart.
  6. Stay dry where the Wood Eye keeps watch.
  7. Out of the trenches.
  8. Ignored by the Wood Orc lookouts.
  9. In the gorge of the rope bridges.
  10. In Gurzag's supplies.
  11. The rooms still ruined by little blue bullies.
  12. Competitor the Naril Nagaia.
  13. Under the roots, but high.
  14. Tossed in the purring air.
  15. Mined in a mound.
  16. In front of the Herald's room.

If you can't find them, here is the map of the places where they are located.


  1. Located by the road east of the labyrinth.
  2. Located in the ruins of Recoin des Ombres.
  3. Located on the floor of the Mages Guild of Marbruk.
  4. Located behind a southern wall of Foyeraie.
  5. Located between the Landes d'Ombrume and Naril Nagaïa.
  6. Located just north of Bosquet d'Aigueracine.
  7. Located next to the solo dungeon La tranchée du Tertre.
  8. Located just west of the Moelle du Vert dolmen.
  9. Located on the riverside north of Haridelle's Lair.
  10. Located in the Gurzag Mine solo dungeon.
  11. Located in the Carac Dena solo dungeon.
  12. Located in the Naril Nagaïa solo dungeon.
  13. Located in the La Souracine solo dungeon.
  14. Located in the Haridelle's Den solo dungeon.
  15. Located in the solo dungeon La tranchée du Tertre.
  16. Located in the public group dungeon La Chute des Rulanyil.


The successes and the catch

A large amount of achievements can be unlocked in Grathwood. Be careful, some achievements may contain spoilers.

EXPLORATION - 14 achievements

  1. Gurzag Mine Explorer
    • Explore and clear the Gurzag Mine.
  2. Carac Dena Explorer
    • Explore and clear Carac Dena.
  3. Naril Nagaïa Explorer
    • Explore and clear Naril Nagaïa.
  4. Haridelle's Lair Explorer
    • Explore and clear the Haridelle's lair.
  5. Souracine Explorer
    • Explore and clear the Souracine.
  6. Mound Trench Explorer
    • Explore and clear the mound trench.
  7. Zymel Tracker
    • Defeat Zymel Etitan Lightning Atronach in Pelda Tarn.
  8. Gathongor Hunter the Ripper
    • Defeat the giant crocodile, Gathongor the Ripper, in the Gathongor Quagmire.
  9. Sorrow of the Sea Elf
    • Defeat the Sea Elf, Jahlasri, and his Maormer companions at the Maormer Encampment.
  10. Anti spy
    • Defeat the Argonian Maheelius and his group of spies at the Recon Camp.
  11. Death of Aigueracine
    • Defeat the suture called Heart of Aigueracine at the source of Aigueracine.
  12. King of the hill
    • Defeat the Ogre Thodundor on the Hill at Thodundor Panorama.
  13. Speleologist of Prasin
    • Discover and secure the six caverns of Prasin.
  14. Prasin Scout
    • Discover all the remarkable places of Prasin.

Quests - 3 achievements

  1. Scout of the Court
    • Protect the Court of the Nature King.
  2. By whom the Veil rises
    • End the threat of the Veiled Legacy in Prasin.
  3. Adventurer of Prasin
    • Complete 40 quests in Prasin.

DUNGEONS - 2 achievements

  1. Fall group event
    • Defeat the undead hordes of Hergor the Fallen at the fall of the Rulanyil.
  2. Conqueror of the City of Ashes
    • Defeat Infernal Guardian, Altar Guardian, and Razor Master Erthas in the City of Ashes.

Fishing - 1 success

  1. Fisherman of Prasin
    • Catch the 12 Rare Fish of Grathwood.
      • Viper fish.
      • Juggling bar.
      • Piranha de Xylo.
      • Zebra pompane.
      • Morray cod.
      • Fish-archer.
      • Walleye.
      • Killi gardener.
      • Wolf eel.
      • Damsels.
      • Balistide.
      • Caristide.

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