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Judit Llordes

After some setbacks preventing the deployment of update 1.5.6 during the previous maintenance, the latter was finally able to be deployed, with the added bonus of an audio fix, following the one that took place on November 27. The latter notably brings changes to the health and power of monsters in Veteran 1 rank dungeons and many changes and audio fixes.

Additionally, an issue affecting the size of the patch has also been fixed. The latter went from 12Gb to 6Gb. This fix has also been implemented for those playing on the North American megaserver.



Alliance War

  • General
    • You can now dispel the slowing effects of Oil Catapults.
    • You will now slip from the posterns.
    • Fixed an issue that could mistakenly teleport you to your starting area if you exited certain areas. We continue to work on the areas where this problem occurs.
    • Performance changes that could improve the responsiveness of communications during high-profile combat. We will continue to monitor this situation.


Combat and Gameplay

  • General
    • Fixed an issue that allowed both Vampirism and Lycanthropy to be acquired at the same time.
    • Fixed an issue that could display the wrong weapons after switching weapons.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause the game to crash after switching weapons.


Crafts and Economy

  • General
    • Fixed an issue where crafting orders would continue to send you delivering your goods to Ice Haven when you had nothing left to do there.


Exploration and Objects

  • General
    • Fixed an issue where NPCs and monsters could fall through the ground from Dark Anchors or certain animated bridges.
  • Objects
    • Fixed an issue that would randomly change your outfit when wearing the Emperor's outfit or while wearing an upgrade during the Shenanigans Lord quest.
    • Veteran Rank 10 Runestones of Might appear more often in Raidelorn.


Dungeons and Groups

  • General
    • Slightly decreased the power and health of monsters in dungeons that have been scaled to Veteran rank 1 or higher.
  • Public dungeons
    • Crow's wood
      • Irevenin will no longer get stuck in walls. It has also shrunk slightly, as its size previously helped to trap it.


Quests and Zones

  • Main quest
    • Shadow of Sancre Tor: Fixed an issue that could cause NPC companions to fall under the ground during the fight against Mannimarco.
  • Bangkoraï
    • Chains of Freedom: Revision of the ambience scene with Renoit to resolve a risk of game crashes.
  • Estemarche
    • Rejoicing and Mystery: Fixed an issue that prevented the stone from being reused to summon Old Clawfoot if he got stuck.
    • Festive preparations: There is no longer a delay of several seconds before donning the traditional dunmer outfit.
  • Graht wood
    • Bone Guardian: Updated a quest gate so that your party members can use it under the right conditions.
    • Azura's Eyes: Fixed an issue that caused Culanwë Bones to appear under the altar. We also fixed an issue that could prevent interacting with bones when you were dead during the "Close Portal to Ice Haven" step.
  • Desert d'Alik'r
    • March of the Ra Gada: Fixed an issue that prevented King Joile from being re-summoned if he got stuck.
  • Oatmeal
    • Cave of Depravity: Fixed an issue that caused the graveyard in this lair to be a little below ground level.
  • Khenarthi's roost
    • Fixed an issue that caused Ambassador Ulondil to disappear just as he began his discussion with Vice Commissioner Pelidil.


User interface

  • General
    • The "bag" icon for mail attachments will no longer disappear when you send mail with an attachment.
  • craft
    • Fixed an issue with research that led to believe that you could search for two objects of the same type (two axes for example).
    • Changing armor class (light to medium, medium to heavy) during crafting now maintains the chosen material rank, instead of resetting to the first material on the list.
    • Leaving the Forge before an item is finished crafting will no longer cause an UI error that would render the station inert until you log back in.
    • Fixed an issue that caused an extended delay between pressing R and crafting certain items.
  • Guild store
    • Clarified the message displayed when a search in the store returns no results. This message now says, “No items found. Edit your search and try again. "



  • General
    • Fixed an issue that caused a number of sounds to disappear in version 1.5.2, such as some dual-weapon combat or body search sounds.
    • Known Issue: We are aware that impact sounds are missing from the Flurry of Blows skill, and will fix this in a future update.
    • Important balance of audible sounds during combat. This means that the more important sounds will be clear, and the less important ones will be less present.
    • Removed some sounds added to the interface in version 1.5.2.
      • These interface sounds had been added to help you understand when certain effects were affecting you, such as the sound that signaled armor reinforcement. But we did find that on some archetypes or sets of equipment, these effects occur very often, with sounds repeating more frequently than expected.
    • Fixed an issue that played inappropriate sounds in some cases when hovering your mouse over a corpse.
    • Improved the Casting sound of Impulse, following your feedback.
    • The sound of the Frost Catch skill now matches the animation.
    • Added sounds for instances when you see a transition cutscene accompanied by a lightning bolt.

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