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As with all skill trees, skills may change before the game is released and therefore the tables are only indicative, they are subject to change.

Translations of skill names are not official and will be updated once their final names are known.

There are 6 types of weapons:

2-handed weapons

These weapons use both weapon spaces at the same time. It can beswords, masses or of axes. Attached skills are more geared towards heavy physical damage damage. Seems ideal for an offensive tank or contact DPS character.


1-handed weapon & shield

This combination allows a good compromise between defense and attack but also allows to better capture the attention of enemies by provoking them. The types of weapons are sword, mass, axes or daggers. Seems ideal for a defensive tank character.


Ambidexterity (two-weapon combat)

Whether it is daggers, swords, axes ou masses, the combination of two weapons can do a lot of damage very quickly. It is also possible to throw daggers, blind enemies or exploit weak points. Seems ideal for sneaky scouts or any kind of quick contact DPS.



Although anyone can use a bow, becoming an expert in the handling of this weapon by using the skills of its dedicated tree allows access to sometimes breathtaking actions like rain of arrows, poison arrows or burst fire. . Seems ideal for ranged ranged scouts or any other class deciding to focus on remote combat.


Sticks of destruction

Whether they are from fire, ice or lightning, the sticks of destruction are the main weapons of spellcasters of all kinds. Focusing energy as a complement (and not as an alternative!) To spells or class skills, these sticks allow any type of class to become an offensive spell caster in their own right. Seems ideal for wizards but also great for healers or warriors who use magic.


Recovery sticks

These sticks are the prerogative of the healers. A Templar will undoubtedly adopt it but it also allows anyone wishing to play a support role within a group, for example, to be very effective or even complementary to a professional healer (specialized Templar "Light of recovery")

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