GW2 - Episode 6 preview - Sirens Beach

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After the latest events related to Balthazar and the dragon Primordius, this time we find ourselves in lands already known to players: that of the fallen dragon Zaithan. For once, I was not able to discover the elements related to living history but only the new area of ​​this last episode.

The new map is titled “Mermaids Beach” and is located south of the Straits of Devastation in Tyria. As always, you will have to perform a section of the living history of the episode to access it. The map looks a bit like the old maps from the base game in that each part of the map is dedicated to a deity.

One of the first parts I was able to explore is the one dedicated to Grenth. There are the enemies of the abomination type that we can meet in the level 80 maps of the base game. Some of the events in this game are limited to item capture and wave defense.

The second part of the map that I was able to discover is the one related to Dwayna where a large part of the events take place in the air, the goal being to purify the area using artefacts. One of the new additions to the map is the ability to use your hang glider in an almost infinite way thanks to the new dedicated spells. I was also able to discover the mini-boss of this zone which becomes accessible after the purification of the place. Prepare for quite a surprise and some turbulence! As always, you will collect the new currency of the zone by completing events like these.

The third part is that of Balthazar which incorporates large fountains of fire (beware of burns). Most of the events I was able to do in this area consisted of destroying monsters in waves. The end of the event in this area was the fight against a wurm where a group of several is needed to get there. One of those very annoying abilities is throwing a large area of ​​fire dealing high damage and a burn area (watch your feet). Our group of journalists did not manage to cope, and our presentation ended in flames with repeated deaths.

As always with the new episodes, you will have a fairly long list of achievements to complete to complete this episode. The main ones are to kill the different bosses on the map and those related to the story. For the rest, I have not been able to discover the whole map yet to find them all. Note that in addition to the new episode, we will have the right to a new fractal as well as a new legendary weapon: the hammer.

This map seemed really interesting to me to discover, with a real crush on the part dedicated to Dwayna and the aerial objectives. It freaks out a vertigo-prone person that I am a bit, but that feeling of freedom in a 3D play space is worth it!


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