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We now know a little more about the future of The Elder Scrolls Online since the Quakecon and, the least we can say, is that Zenimax Online works very hard to please the players still present or / and to bring back the players who left very (too?) early.

Here is a listing of what awaits us on THESE in the next updates:


Imperial City

  • Added PvE and PvP objectives.
  • We can capture districts for his alliance. Rewards will be offered.
  • PvE in the city will earn you items and gold.
  • New armor planned: Daedric Imperial armor.



  • Veteran dungeons for City of Ashes (Update 5).
  • Instance Adjustment: The level of the dungeons will be adjusted according to the level of the group leader.
  • Indomitable Rewards: New daily quests will be added and Indomitable Passives for those who roam the dungeons.


Crypt of Hearts

  • New 12-player event.
  • New armor trait for artisans to learn.
  • More group quests to plan.
  • Dragonstar Arena: 4-player mini-events with leaderboard and 2 difficulty modes.



  • Veteran experience will soon be replaced by normal experience.
  • XP bonuses are to be expected for those who do not play often.
  • Champion System: Gaining experience will allow you to earn champion points. These points can be spent on passive skills (example: increased vigor regeneration, increased damage with swords, etc.).
  • Champion Points can be obtained after level 50 is exceeded.
  • Spending more points in a tree will unlock some passive skills.
  • Each patch will bring its own set of weapons and armor. These new items will often be rare and more powerful. The team specifies that with each new update, it will be easier to acquire the "old objects".


Justice system

  • If you are used to searching every basket, bag, etc ... be careful, since the justice system will consider this to be theft.
  • Stolen items will be valuable, but they can only be sold in certain shops or from merchants ... not very correct.
  • The guards can take your hand in the bag! They will come to you and ask you to pay for your crime, you are free to accept or not. If you don't pay the fine, the guard will attack.
  • NPCs can be targeted and killed.
  • Players will have the option of becoming a guard and attacking players who have activated PvP mode.
  • Doing bad deeds will increase your premium. This bounty can get too big and you will get a special "Kill on Sight" status where anyone can kill you.



  • New spells will be added in the different categories of existing spells: Destruction, Conjuration, Mystic, Restoration, Alteration, Illusion.
  • Players will be able to use a new spell that will reveal secret entrances.
  • These secret rooms will contain stone tablets containing a piece of spell.
  • The players will have to complete a mini-game in order to copy the contents of the tablet. Gathering all the parts will unlock a new spell.
  • Tablets created using Spellcrafting can be traded and sold.


New Zones

  • A new adventure zone: Murkmire.
  • New Solo PvE Zone: Wrothgar



  • Cost of transformation decreased, damage increased.
  • More skills are on the agenda.



  • Possibility to customize the physique of our avatar.
  • Improved facial animations.
  • New patterns.
  • Stamina Change: A passive on medium armor to reduce the cost of stamina abilities, increased damage and abilities using stamina.


Not all of these changes have a specific date, so don't expect everything to appear overnight. Good game !

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