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Coinciding with the Chinese New Year, the Lunar Festival returns to settle in Azeroth. Almost everywhere, there are camps, set up in the capitals, but the party takes place mainly in Reflet-de-Lune. After sunset, sometimes fireworks will be shot in the sky of the capitals.

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In the Alliance and Horde capitals, you will find NPCs (Herald of the Lunar Festival Horde / Emissary of the Lunar Festival Alliance) giving a quest that requires going to the event camp:

  • Orgrimmar, Pitons-du-Tonnerre or Undercity
  • Forgefer, Hurlevent or Darnassus
You can of course go directly to the camp, especially those located in the Sanctuaries, in Pandaria for which there is no quest that leads there.

No matter the city, there you will find a Lunar Festival messenger, a neutral NPC, giving the quest The Lunar Fireworks. Buy 8 fireworks and 2 rosaries from the merchant nearby and use the launchers to create beautiful lights! Once the quest is completed, you get Invitation to the Lunar Festival, essential to be able to teleport to Moonlight with the upper moonlight (the large white halo in the middle of the camp) and return the sequel, Valadar Starsong.

In Moonlight, you land amid moonlight and fireworks, but the NPC to see is north of Lake Elune'ara on a terrace. Turn in the quest and notice next to him a vendor giving away the Lunar Festival items. He himself also sells a few items. A final quest is available from Valadar, Blessing of Elune, asking to kill Omen, the event boss. As a reward you will get a toy, the Lantern of Elune.


Season boss

Make your way to the southeast of the lake where there are usually plenty of players, skeletons on the ground, and two launchers by the side of the road, identified by two banners. If you're lucky there might even be the Omen's body already, step into the light and the matter is settled.

Otherwise, we'll have to kill him ... and already summon him. It happens thanks to launchers (so plan fireworks). Servants (big wolves) will arrive first until Omen finally appears. To speed things up, you can throw Elune Candles (sold by Valadar) at minions. The boss (level 100) uses two abilities, Chain and Meteors. It hurts quite a bit, so don't engage it alone!



All Lunar Festival merchants sell fireworks for gold:

  • Blue rocket string: 1pa
  • Green rocket string: 1pa
  • Rosary of red flares: 1pa
  • Party firecrackers: 3pa
  • Moonlight: 15pc
  • Small blue rocket: 25pc
  • Small green rocket: 25pc
  • Small red rocket: 25pc

On the terrace, in Reflet-de-Lune, two merchants allow you to exchange coins from ancestors.

  • Valadar Starsong
  • Fariel Starsong
  • Festive Lantern (Pet): 50 Ancestors Coins
  • Candle of Elune: 10 Ancestors Coins
  • Festive ravioli: 1 piece of ancestors
  • Green party dress: 5 pieces of ancestors
  • Pink party dress: 5 pieces of ancestors
  • Purple party dress: 5 pieces of ancestors
  • Black Festive Garment: 5 Ancestors Pieces
  • Blue Festive Garment: 5 Ancestors Pieces
  • Turquoise Festive Garment: 5 Ancestors Pieces
  • Lunar Festival Fireworks Bag: 5 Ancestors Coins
  • Cheering Firecracker: 1 Ancestors Coin (Groopy will love it)
  • Eternal Alliance Firework or Eternal Horde Firework: 25 Ancestor Coins (if you buy one faction's toy, you will automatically get the other faction's toy)
  • Alliance Fireworks (500 Engineering): 5 Ancestors Coins
  • Schematic: Horde Fireworks (Engineering 500): 5 Ancestor Coins
  • Schematic: Serpentine Firework (Engineering 500): 5 Ancestor Coins
  • Schematic: Rosary Thrower (Engineering 275): 5 Ancestor Coins
  • Schematic: Fireworks Launcher (Engineering 225): 5 Ancestor Coins
  • Pattern: Party dress (seam 250): 5
  • Pattern: Party dress (seam 250): 5
  • Rocket Rosary Recipes (3 225 Engineering Blueprints): 5 Ancestor Coins
    • Schematic: String of Red Rockets
    • Schematic: String of Green Rockets
    • Schematic: String of Blue Rockets
  • Large Rocket Rosary Recipes (3 Engineering Blueprints 275): 5 Ancestor Coins
    • Schematic: String of Large Red Rockets
    • Schematic: String of Large Blue Rockets
    • Schematic: String of Large Green Rockets
  • Large Rocket Recipes (3 175 Engineering Blueprints): 5 Ancestor Coins
    • Schematic: Large Red Rocket
    • Schematic: Large Blue Rocket
    • Schematic: Large Green Rocket
  • Small Rocket Recipes (3 Engineering Schematics 125): 5 Ancestor Coins
    • Schematic: Little Red Rocket
    • Schematic: Small Green Rocket
    • Schematic: Small Blue Rocket
  • Ancient Heirloom Armor Chest: 40 Ancestor Coins
  • Weathered Heirloom Armor Chest: 75 Ancestor Coins



One of the items is a pet, allowing you to learn Festive Lantern for the Horde and Moon Lantern for the Alliance for 50 Ancestor Coins. The mascot is not linked so you can acquire it with another character as needed.

It has the following abilities:

  • Level 1: Radius
  • Level 2: Illuminate
  • Level 4: Soul Guardian
  • Level 10: Burn
  • Level 15: Flash
  • Level 20: Light



There are 16 (including 5 which form only one) achievements related to this world event, nothing new on the other hand for Pandaria (the old ones do not like pandas it is necessary to believe). Once all of them have been validated, you will obtain the global achievement Honoring Elders which rewards the Elder or Elder title.

  • The Elders of the Cataclysm: you must visit all the elders of this part of the continent.
  • Elders of Kalimdor: Visit all the elders in this part of the continent.
  • Elders of the Horde: Visit all Elders in the capitals listed.
  • The Elders of the Alliance: you must visit all the elders of the capitals mentioned.
  • Elders of Northrend: Visit all the elders in this part of the continent.
  • The Elders of the Eastern Kingdoms: One must visit all the elders of this part of the continent.
  • Elders of the dungeons: you must visit all the elders of the dungeons mentioned.
I invite you to go to Wowhead or JudgeHype to locate the elders of the different continents, they have set up a map with all the locations.
  • 50 pieces of ancestors: this achievement will be validated automatically by performing the first achievements "the ancients of ..." by going through the steps 1 piece, 5 pieces, 10 pieces, 25 pieces and finally 50 pieces.
  • Lunar Festival Adornment: Purchase any garment or robe from the item merchant for 5 Ancestor Coins.
  • Firecrackers: buy 10 firecrackers (3 pa / piece) and spam your mouse (or, easier, add firecrackers as a shortcut).
  • Red fireworks: same as firecrackers above, buy 10 then spam your mouse or keyboard.
  • Elune's Blessing: Complete the quest for Valadar Starsong.



Hope this guide helps you enjoy the party!

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