Far Cry Primal - How do I get the Hookshot?

The Grapple Claw is a tool from Far Cry Primal, it is a bone hook mounted on a long rope. It allows you to climb in otherwise inaccessible places. If you want to discover the whole map with its secrets, you have to get it! This guide, originally posted on, will show you how to get this Grapple Claw in Far Cry Primal!

The item will be unlocked at some point if you complete all the main missions but, if you want to have it as soon as possible, you can get started right after the Beast Master mission for Tensey:

  • Go to the village and build huts for Sayla and Tensey. You need a certain amount of resources:
    • Sayla: 4 alder wood, 3 slates, 2 reeds, 2 deer skins
    • Tensey: 2 alder wood, 2 slates, 2 reeds, 2 wolf skins

  • When this is done, the Udam will attack your village. Defend the good.
  • When the attack is over, open your map. There you will see new icons featuring specialists that you can invite to join you.
  • Meet Wogah, the bald man with a long beard who lives in a cave east of your village. He will ask you to prove that you are a Wenja! This will unlock a new mission for you.

  • While you're stuck in the cave, look for a jaguar corpse: the Hookshot is stuck there!

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