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Today we will see the beverage worker: the alchemist. Be sure to check out the Crafting Mini Guide before reading this article. For information specific to the alchemist (locations, spells), consult his arsenal sheet.

It is one of the professions which is useful at high level. Because the potions can be used to you to survive the time that a healer comes back to you but especially the potions boosting your capacity over a short period of time are very useful in the phases where it is necessary to send damage.

Class quests

As you already know, no matter what class you are going to take on FFXIV: ARR, you will have to complete a quest every 5 levels giving you gils, experience as well as a tool (primary or secondary ) and equipment.

Here is the list of quests to complete:

  • Lv 1: 1 Distilled Water
  • Nv 5 : 3 Antidote
  • Lv 10: 12 Beeswax
  • Lv 15: 1 Intelligence Solution and 1 Dexterity Solution
  • Lv 20: 1 Hard Reinforced Leather Grimoire
  • Nv 25 : 1 Natron HQ
  • Lv 30: 3 Blinding Potion HQ
  • Lv 35: 1 Super Aether HQ
  • Lv 40: 3 Decoction Of Strength HQ
  • Lv 45: 1 HQ Essence of Intelligence, 1 HQ Essence of Spirit and 1 HQ Essence of Vitality
  • Lv 50: 1 Budding Rosewood Rod HQ set with a Materia Materia Of Celerity III


Place of mandates

  • Acts 1-5: Red Rooster farm - Bass Noscea
  • Nv 10: The swift - Western wedding
  • Nv 15: Port-aux-Ales - Western Noscea
  • Nv 20: Quarry mill - Southern forest
  • Nv 25: Quarry mill - Southern forest
  • Nv 30: Costa del Sol / Eastern Noscea
  • Nv 35: Observatoire - Coerthas
  • Nv 40: White Ridge Post - Coerthas
  • Nv 45: Find of Saint Coinach - Mother Dhona


List of mandates


As with the cook, you will have to pay attention to the quantities needed to finish a mandate. In some cases, "Large Order" type mandates may only require two summaries instead of three. The Lanolin jars mandate is a mandate that does not cost too much to manufacture and is easily doable.

Alternatively, you can also use theGames Managers tool regarding warrants to calculate how many items you need per tier!


To your cauldron! 

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