FFXIV - Feedback from the development team 03/06/16

The development team responded to a few requests and questions that the community is asking.

It is throughElmoria, our favorite CM that the responses from the development team were forwarded:
Regarding the wait time for the loot system:
Several people complained about the waiting time for the dice roll for loot. The latter has been set arbitrarily and there are no plans to change it at this time, but the dev team will be looking at the feedback players provide:

The limit is currently set to 300 seconds for a few reasons. This is to allow players to take their time when watching the cutscenes, to be able to sort through their inventory if they do not have enough room for the item, and to ensure that a player will have time to participate in the event of disconnection.

The team is aware that there is a demand for this, so please feel free to send in your feedback.


The weapons of the primordial Ramuh:

Ramuh, along with Odin, is a primordial having no weapons recoverable from all jobs once he is defeated. This is about to be fixed in the future. Something to delight the players and (re) discover this fight and its sublime music:

We received a small comment from the dev team regarding Ramuh's weapons and the possibility of upgrading them in the same way as the other primordial ones.
They said, "Soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

The mission tool:

Many players have asked if it is possible in the future to enroll in the Mission Tool with multiple jobs, the team's response is clear:

The team has no plans to make it possible to register for the Mission Tool with multiple jobs.

The Hyurgoths:

The Hyurgoth men are the only ones who no longer have their own emote, but not for much longer: During the Niconico Choikaigi, Yoshi-P mentioned that the Hyurgoth men will find their own jerk!
This is under development and there is no specific date yet, so we will have to wait a little longer.

Recruitment of Free Companies:

It has been reported that currently it is quite difficult for the Free Companies (guilds) to recruit players, the team is planning to make changes: The team is currently exploring possibilities to ensure to make it easier for free companies to recruit new members as well as for players to find the free companies that suit them best.

Home fishing:

If you've got the soul of a fisherman and Fishing Simulator is your favorite game, the team is figuring out a way to display your trophies, still alive! The team is currently studying some kind of aquarium where you could place the fish you catch.

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