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The materials allow you to improve the statistics of your equipment if it has a slot for crimping one or more materia. These locations are displayed on the devices by means of locations in the form of a green circle under the heading materia.

Come on, let's get to the heart of the matter, focus!


Obtain a material

You may have already noticed that on the tooltip of a piece of equipment a piece of information called "Symbiosis"is present. Symbiosis increases the more you use a piece of equipment. When the symbiosis is at 100% you can materialize this piece as a material. To be able to perform this materialization you will have to do a quest.


Spiritual materialization

  • Level : 19
  • Location : Thanalan Central, Les Fumerolles

You will not have anything special to bring back for this quest, just listen to your teacher's instructions to learn the materialization.

There are different types of materia, there are more than twenty.

Now that you know everything about materialization, we can take the next step!


Crimp a materia

Before you take out your artisan tools, you must complete another quest to learn crimping:

Spiritual attachment :
Level : a discipline of the hand at level 19
Location : Thanalan Central, Les Fumerolles

Mutamix and its apprentices this time teach you the art of setting. Your training completed, you will receive 3 grade I carbon dioxide, you can put the theory into practice.

Select a material, right click on it and "Crimp".


A new window opens:

  • on the left you choose equipment that it is possible to crimp. The greyed out equipment are those that cannot be crimped by your class / level.
  • on the right you have the list of materials availables.


With your two objects selected, a new window appears: it summarizes the material, the equipment, the catalyst used and the chance of successful crimping. However, it is possible that the chosen materia does not give all the bonuses it can grant, if not none. It all depends on the statistics already present on the crimping equipment.

An example of a successful crimp:



Catalysts are used in the crimping of materia. Appointed "Carbonic matter", they can be harvested by Minors et Botanists from level 16 on level 20 harvest points. These points which require the secondary tool can be found at the Central Noscea for minors, not far from the Noscea Occidentale area and the Post of Nevelle. You will collect grade I Carbonic Matter there. For Botanists, you can get it on level 20 trees at the exit of Port-Aux-Ales


And after?

At level 25 Mutanix will give you a new secret ... Patience.

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