FFXIV - Update September 8

This morning there was a small update fixing various bugs and incorrect descriptions.

Job Opportunities

  • Monk action "Sanitation" could be used before the "Fifth chakra" status was removed by the "Forbidden Chakra" action.
  • Description of astromancer actions "Charity" et "Invalidation" was incorrect.
  • Description of the Elementalist / White Mage Trait "Improved Medica " was incorrect.


  • Rowena's House of Splendor NPC "Collectibles Expert" had occasionally crashed the game client.
  • It happened that the trophies (PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®4 versions) cannot be obtained:
    Beginnings in carpentry / Beginnings in metallurgy / Beginnings in armory / Beginnings in goldsmithing / Beginnings in tannery / Beginnings in sewing / Beginnings in alchemy / Beginnings in kitchen Wood enthusiast / Forge enthusiast / Armor enthusiast / Jewel enthusiast / Jewel enthusiast Leather / Textile Enthusiast / Potions Enthusiast / Furnace Enthusiast * After the patch, if a player has met all the requirements to get the trophy, they will get it after making a crafting item.
  • The following headgear was not appearing correctly when worn by female Ao Ra characters:
    Ash Mask / Ash (Lapis Lazuli) Mask / Ethereal Ash Mask / Ethereal Ash (Lapis Lazuli) Mask / Monoa Mask / Demagogue Mask / Game Bird Mask / Maelstrom Sergeant Mask / Immortal Sergeant Mask / Sergeant of the Order's Mask / Sanctified Chestnut Mask of Healing / Sanctified Chestnut Mask of Aiming / Ex-half-mask / Ex-half-mask in yew / Ex-half-mask in oak / Ex-half-mask in willow / Ex-half-mask in walnut
  • The icon color was incorrect for the "White Summer Tanga".
  • The following object names were incorrect:
    Before: White summer tank top
    After: Charcoal summer tank top
    Front: White summer shorts
    After: Charcoal summer shorts
  • The item name "High Roller Bard" was incorrect when checking Companion Equipment from the "Character" menu.

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