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With update 3.2, which will be implemented on February 23, a change is planned for Allagan tomestones.

Various modifications will affect all Allagan tomestones available in the game:

  • Traditional Allagan tomestones
  • Mémoquartz Allagois Esotériques
  • This new type of memoquartz will be added to 3.2 and can be obtained by all players as long as they have a class or a job of level 60.
  • The weekly limit of 450 will be removed.
    • The maximum Esoteric that can be detained will remain 2.

  • Allagois Juridical Memorandum
  • Mémoquartz Allagois Martiaux
  • Memo Allagois Poétiques

  • It will no longer be possible to obtain this type of memo through random missions.
    • The missions currently offering legal memos will, from 3.2 onwards, offer esoteric and / or traditional Allagan tomestones.
  • Equipment that can be purchased with the legal will no longer be purchased with the latter and will be acquired differently.

  • These memos can no longer be obtained. However, they will definitely disappear from the game from 3.2.
  • If you still have Martials on your character, it is still possible to exchange them for poetic Allagan tomestones. This will no longer be the case after 3.2.
    • If you want to exchange the Martials for Poetics, you have to go see Auriana, located in Mor Dhona - Death's Knell (9,11)

  • This type of memoquartz will continue to be obtained through Random Missions of level 50 and below.

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