FFXIV - Confrontation on the Grand Bridge

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Update 2.2 completed the Gentleman's side quest with a new enemy named Gilgamesh. This character recurring in the saga of Final Fantasy represents perfectly the villain not beautiful completely idiotic. This fight isn't complicated, but it's still a lot of fun.



To access this boss, to say the least original, you must complete the Gentleman's side quest. This is divided into two phases, the first of which is recovered in Ul'dah.



There are two types of abilities on the boss: Those that inflict damage ...

  •  Eradication: Gilgamesh fires a 180 degree spear strike. Melee classes must always stay behind him.
  • The Magic Fan: Gilgamesh spins around dealing damage over 360 degrees. This attack is often incited but it is not systematic.
  • Prostration: Gilgamesh launches into the air to plant his spear in the ground and deal damage to nearby players. This attack is very easily preventable since it will curl up for a few seconds before jumping.
  • Brandade Mante: Gilgamesh throws a dark cloud at a random player. This inflicts damage on the player as well as on players close to him.
  • Searing Blast: Tornadoes appear in the room at random. They deal damage when you go inside.

... and those that make us laugh in raid.

  • Frog mode: Gilgamesh will turn a certain number of people into a frog. These players will have to run to avoid taking damage from a hen.
  • Mini mode: The player is shrunk and takes more damage. You can swap out tanks if necessary.
  • Confusion mode: A random player is confused and attacks his allies. The only way to negate the effect is to heal the player back to 100% health.



The fight takes place in three phases:

  • the first takes place with 1 hen.
  • The second is to cross a bridge strewn with enemies.
  • The third takes place with 6 hens.


 Have fun ! 

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