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I had already pointed out that craftsmanship in Final Fantasy XIV : A Realm Reborn was not in the line of what is done lately: to go get a coffee while our character makes all alone. I will briefly introduce you to how the craft works.

On FFXIV: ARR, you will have to get your hands dirty. The craft classes are played like a combat class: you must use your actions in order to advance your synthesis and equip yourself correctly. The main statistics for crafts are Skill and Control. Each class has a main tool and a secondary tool.

You have a craft book that looks like this:

At the top left are all the Main disciplines. Below the recipe levels of your current class. When you select a recipe, you can see which ingredients are required, which ones you have, which ones are missing.
Since update 2.38 it is possible to choose which recipes to display thanks to a filter. You can decide to display only head type equipment for example.

It's time to move on to manufacturing. Your actions (except the first acquired allowing you to advance your synthesis) cost you SP. The PS are to the craftsman what the PM are to the mages! You are going to have to think about it to use your actions wisely. There are different types of actions, such as:

  • those that simply advance the work;
  • those which improve the quality of the object;
  • those that give you SP or solidity to the object;
  • those which give you bonuses such as more chance of success on actions, a bonus of statistics, etc ...

Each synthesis has a Solidity. You must have completed your work before the strength drops to zero. You can also increase the quality of your synthesis to hope to obtain a High Quality item.
When you first realize an item you are granted an experience bonus. The recipe will also be checked in your notebook to remind you that you have already made it.

To progress in levels, it will therefore be necessary to ensure the solidity of your synthesis and to use your actions according to your progress.

Some Talents from other crafting classes can be equipped. Don't forget to take a look at the Actions and Traits menu to see what you can use!

Finally as a Craftsman, after completing a quest (available from a Smart Goblin in central Thanalan ... somewhere to the east ...) you will have the opportunity to sertir des Matéria on the right equipment. Several conditions are required for crimping:

  • The equipment must have a Materia slot;
  • You must have the correct class to crimp;
  • You will need Carbonic Material for the crimping.

Finally, I can only advise you to set up a Gathering class alongside your Hand Discipline so that you don't have to buy tons of materials!

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