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Did you know that a quest called Fly like the bird From Far Cry: Primal Unveils Assassin's Creed Easter Egg? It involves Urki the Thinker who wants to fly and will ask you to find the materials he needs to take off.

In order, it takes four things for Urki to take flight.

Some are common, but they are not found in the region where he lives. Others are rare and difficult to obtain.

  • A snow bird feather : Although snowbirds are usually found in cold northern areas, there is a pair of this species that nests on an island in the nearby river. The tall grass hides them, so it takes persistence to catch them.
  • A turtle shell : turtles are found on the banks of the river, south of where Urki lives. Once you kill one (it will take a few tries), just grab the loot from the body to get the shell.
  • A crow's feather : there are lots of rocks near the waterfall. The crows that are nearby land there from time to time to rest. You just need to be well prepared. Crouch down in the grass and wait for a great opportunity. Crows are easy to hit when on the ground.
  • A Spicy Fish Head : You can get it by going to the river near Urki's cave. Shoot the fish from the coast, then collect the loot from the body.

When you bring the items to him, Urki will use a ramp in front of his cave to jump off the cliff and land on a haystack. You will be able to hear the cry of the well-known eagle from Assassin's Creed when it jumps. Against all odds, he will survive and become a friend and tribal member, entrusting you with new missions from time to time.

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