FFXIV - Ethereal Winds of the Dravanian Hinterland

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Are you on the hunt for the Ethereal Winds? Here is a guide to finding those in the Dravanian hinterland area. To find these Winds, use the Ethereal Compass: it will indicate the wind closest to you.

A video guide has been produced to help you (Thanks to Zuh and the Styx Guild) which you will find at the bottom of the article but here is a summary in pictures of the wind positions:

Wind 1: 5x - 22y

Wind 2: 10x - 24y

Wind 3: 5x - 33y

Wind 4: 18x - 31y

Wind 5: 21x - 37y

Wind 6: 27x - 26y

Wind 7: 23x - 23y

Wind 8: 36x - 26y

Wind 9: 37x - 21y

Wind 10: 17x - 18y

The last 5 winds are given in the Epic quest and in the side quests, including:

  • With us or against us - Tapklix - Dravanian hinterland (21-18)
  • Upkeep of the Aetherites - Halfsix - Idyllea (5-6)
  • Thieves of Idylée - Midnight Dew - Idyllée (5-6)
  • Dusting Books (Epic) - Matoya - Dravanian Hinterland (6-6)
  • The porrogo servant - Saro Roggo - Cave of Matoya (6-6)

To check where you are in your wind collection, click on the movement window and then choose Ethereal Winds:

A new window opens with all of your discoveries:


Once all the winds have been gathered, a message appears on your screen and you get an achievement:


 Now, forward to enjoy your flying chocobo!

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