FFXIV - Fan Festival Tickets on sale

As of today, it is possible to purchase a ticket for the Live Stream of the Fan Festival 2016 which will take place in Las Vegas on October 14 and 15, 2016.

The purchase of the ticket grants many bonuses and gifts for $ 29,99:

  • HD resolution
  • All events on stage, including:
    • The special opening conference with producer and director Naoki Yoshida
    • Developer conferences and Stories with members of the development equipment
    • Piano concert with Susan Calloway on Friday evening
    • The Primals in concert on Saturday evening
  • Special guests only for the stream
  • A bonus item code for exclusive in-game items:
    • Mascotte de Rikku miniature.
    • A choice :
      • Zanarkand outfit
      • Great Summoner Outfit
  • Access to archives until August 31, 2017

Your receipt will include the code for the bonus items as well as details on how to redeem the code (also available here). Please note that only one in-game code can be used per service account for the 2016 Fan Festival in Las Vegas. For example, you cannot redeem a code you received at the event and a code you got by purchasing the Live Stream on the same service account.

It should also be noted that:

  • The content of the Live Streams of the Fan Festival in Las Vegas, Tokyo and Frankfurt will be different and each show will provide access to different in-game mascots.
  • The purchase of the Las Vegas Live Stream does not grant access to other Fan Festivals.

You can now buy your ticket on the official Fan Festival website!

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