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During the Fan Festival which took place this Saturday in London, various activities were offered on the 2 floors of the Tobacco Dock. To find our way around, we were given a map at the entrance with a quest to accomplish and various challenges to overcome:

  • complete at least 5 activities
  • find at least 5 treasures
  • kill odin
  • win a roulette challenge

And there was no risk of getting lost to get there! Nice members of staff guided the tourists that we are, some even while dancing!

Some pictures of the place during the day.

We find the boats, just with a little more people!

 And let's go and discover the animations!


Odin battle challenge

The principle was simple: with a group of 8 people and predefined characters, we had to kill the primordial within a time limit. Needless to say, this was no small feat, especially when you find yourself with random people in the crowd.


Guild Hall

This place was quiet, with tables to sit and chat with friends. There were also works created by the community.

And our friend the Chocobo.


Ishgard Gallery

There and in another room, we found very beautiful conceptual images of the game.


There was also armor.


Battle Challenge Roulette

Each capital had its challenge with a simple principle: complete the task by doing with the penalty imposed by roulette. For my part, I had to kill Ramuh without having to bring players back to life.

All the rooms were organized in a similar way, with 4 groups of 8 computers (the challenges being done in groups of 8).




There was a hell of a demand for goodies! And it must be said that the products offered were up to expectations.

The shop was nicely decorated although very quickly, with the crowds, it went quite unnoticed.


Mini games

On the ground floor, many mini-games were installed. A mess.

A Behemot to ride.

Speed ​​to press the lit numbers as fast as possible.

Skill for winding the iron ring along the rod or even sending rings on the horns and catching fish for the fishing challenge.

Archers could prove their true skill at archery or darts.



Manual labor

The disciples of the hand were trying their hand at creating masks.

While the apprentice alchemists of Ul'dah could discover various scents and then mix them to make a small perfume by following one of the three recipes offered.

Without forgetting the coffee beans to free our nose too assailed by odors.

Finally, if you had the patience to wait, you could get your hair done or get a tattoo at the beauty salon.


Various other photos

The central square, with an Etherite. Normal!

The same, the afternoon with a little more people.

Everywhere, banners to decorate the already magnificent place.

Queues often long on Odin's side.

And finally, Naoki Yoshida who plays the game to the end, going out as much as possible to meet the players, signing and posing without ever getting impatient while old Foxlon.


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Thank you again to Square Enix for this superb, very well organized day! It was really great to see all these fans gathered around the same passion, if only for a day. 

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