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On this Saturday March 14, a new letter from the live producer took place, this time in a special edition devoted to information on the editions in which the Heavensward expansion will be offered. I specify that the prices indicated are only the prices for the American editions and in dollars, we do not know if we will have a slightly different price and if there will be conversion in euro or if the price will be the same in dollars as in Euro. Here is a summary of everything that has been announced:



  • Price
    • PC
    • Playstation
    • Poppy
    • "All inclusive" version
  • Pre-Orders
  • Collector's Edition Bonus
  • Unboxing of the collector's edition
  • FAQ
  • Other




  • Edition standard : $ 39.99 physical and digital.
  • Collector's Edition : $ 59.99 digitalis (includes in-game bonuses) and $ 129.99 physics (includes in-game bonuses and physical extras that you can see below).



Playstation 3:

  • Edition standard : $ 39.99 physical and digital.
  • Collector's Edition : there is no physical version of the collector for the PS3, however you have the digital version at $ 59.99.

Playstation 4:

  • Edition standard : $ 39.99 physical and digital.
  • Collector's Edition : $ 59.99 digitalis (includes in-game bonuses) and $ 129.99 physics (includes in-game bonuses and physical extras that you can see below).



No information was given regarding a collector's edition. With the game launching entirely on the Mac, you'll get the Base Edition with the Heavensward expansion for $ 59.99 all together.


"All inclusive" version

For the "all inclusive" versions, so the base game with the Heavensward expansion, each in standard edition, it will be $ 59.99 for all media and all versions (physical and digital).



Pre-ordering the game will grant you some bonuses:

Hat and earrings Mascot 4-day early access

You can pre-order the game online and in store:

  • Online: you will get a pre-order code by email.
  • In store: a code will be given to you in store when you pre-order.

For Europeans, pre-orders start from March 16, 2015. When you have your code, you can enter it at this link.


Collector's Edition Bonus

The collector's edition is therefore available in 2 versions: one digital and one physical. The digital edition will only offer you in-game bonuses while the physical version will offer you in-game bonuses as well as physical elements.


Physical bonuses

Box with artwork on it Dragon statuette

Artbook Blu-ray video disc


In-game bonus

Griffon flying frame Helmet

Mascot Illusion potions (change appearance)


Unboxing of the collector's edition

An unboxing of the collector's edition was performed live, showing us in detail what to expect from this physical edition.

We can therefore see the different physical objects but also notice that the game box will be useful since it can be transformed into a display if you want to display your gifts as they should!



Finally, they answered a few questions about the extension:

In spanish :

  • To gain access to Ishgard, you will need to complete the epic quest "Before the Dawn" which will be implemented in patch 2.55.
  • To play on different platforms (PC and Playstation, for example), you will need to purchase the game for each platform. The bonuses of the collector's edition will however be linked to the account, it will not be necessary to buy it twice.
  • If you have a Playstation 3 with a 20GB hard drive, it is recommended that you have a higher capacity, as the expansion may exceed the 20GB of disk space required.
  • The collector's editions of the base game and Heavensward are independent. If you want the bonus items from each edition, you will need to purchase the 2 Collector Editions.
  • Collector's Edition bonus in-game items will be given to all of your characters, including those you create later.



The live letter normally scheduled for April 11, 2015 will be the first dedicated to Heavensward.

The next patch: Before the Fall Part 2, will be online on March 31, 2015. Here is some information about this update:

  • the added epic quest should take you around 3 hours to complete,
  • the last floors of the Bahamut maze will be added to the mission tool,
  • the weekly limit of the Dark World will be removed,
  • the amount of MGP received at the Gold Saucer will be adjusted,
  • adjustments regarding Triple Triad tournaments will be made,
  • Adjustments for some overpowered Triple Triad NPCs (based on player feedback) will be made.


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