FFXIV - Heavensward Tour - New Dungeons

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The release of the first expansion is fast approaching. It was therefore the perfect opportunity for the development team to prepare a little surprise for us today by revealing the dungeons planned for Heavensward.

On the program of these dungeons, we will have the pleasure of discovering many new places such as an old fortress frozen under the ice or even a huge chapel with disproportionate architecture, most certainly located in the outskirts of Ishgard.

We will also have the chance to discover new dungeons outdoors. The first will certainly be related to one of the new tribes of beast men and located on the floating continent Abalathia, while the second will take us to the sides of a mountain located in the region of Dravania.

Other dungeons will take us to the dark corners of a huge library, or even to what appears to be a fortress filled with corrupted crystals.

And finally, you will have the right to dungeons offering more mechanical backgrounds, filled with what could well be Algiers technology. The last dungeon shown here could even be the Alexander Raid, replacing it in the meanders of Bahamut, the mystery remains unsolved.

Once again we see that this first extension promises us many hours of play and wonder. Rest assured, there are only a few days left before you can try out these new dungeons. In the meantime, I suggest you watch this little video which will present all of the dungeons that I have just mentioned. Good viewing to all !

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