FFXIV - Heavensward Tour - New Zones and Flying Mounts

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The output ofHeavensward is getting closer and we have discovered through various letters from the producer, events, and other interviews a lot of information. On the official website of Final Fantasy XIV, we have a small overview of the information collected on the new areas and on the flying mounts that will be implanted.

New areas

  • Ishgard

Ishgard is arguably the new area we've heard the most about so far:

A mountain range, called the chain of Abalathia, stretches from the east to the west of the continent of Aldenard. At its center is the Coerthas region, in which the city-state of Ishgard was built. Its sovereign, the Archbishop, is also its spiritual guide. He teaches his people the word of Halone the Conqueror.
The formidable army of Ishgardian knights wage a constant war against their ancestral enemies, the dragons. The theocracy is experiencing its darkest days, with the dragon raids intensifying and an unprecedented cold spell dragging on.
The situation has become so critical that the Archbishop and his advisers are considering opening the gates of their city and enlisting outside help.

  • Dravania

West of the Abalathia Mountains lies the rugged region of Dravania. As its name suggests, this land is the domain of dragons, the terrible creatures to which the people of Ishgard have a thousand-year-old and deep hatred.
The southern hinterland enjoys the nourishing waters of the Thaliak River and was once the seat of the city of Sharlayan, the center of science and magic. Alas, the threat of the Garlemaldese invasion in Eorzea forced its inhabitants to exodus almost fifteen years ago, and the buildings and other physical remains of this nation are gradually disappearing from the landscape ...

  • Abalathia

Nestled in the heights of Abalathia, there is a region commonly referred to as the Foam of the Skies or the Sea of ​​Clouds.
It is a place where the elements of water and wind give rise to various unique atmospheric phenomena, which are the very origin of these names. Even more surprisingly, there are magnificent floating islands there, suspended in the air and now the habitat of exotic flora and fauna. The development of aircraft technology has recently enabled the Ishgardian Knights to reach these almost unexplored territories.

Flying mounts

The flying mounts are eagerly awaited in this expansion, they will allow you to explore new areas in a new way and see new magnificent mounts!

On the other hand, I think that a lot of laughs await us with the big flying chocobo! Eagles and dragons are beautiful and majestic, we'll see if Square Enix releases a new mount on the Mog Kiosk !

What do you think of flying mounts?

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