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Hello, I am Saulnira from the Incandescence Guild on Mantle of Force and I have come to offer you a guide to complete the achievement. Surrounded by good people that you found in Planets–> Makeb -> Imperial Makeb Forces. This achievement earns 25 points and will require you to complete different quest missions. [weekly by step] Contain and control on Makeb.

Warning: you will probably need to perform the weekly several times in stages to accomplish all the necessary sub-achievements.

Unlock and Finish the Corner Thugs

  • Complete the mission [STEP 1] Cover your tracks and your Bonus.

Achieve the Bonus objective “Follow up on Frinn's mesa”

  • Perform [STEP 1] Certificate of Good Health first and you will be able to activate a terminal at the end of the quest [STEP 1] Distorted Truth.

Create a wave of dissonance in the cartel's mining mesa

  • Perform [STEP 2] Wave of dissonance first, then [STEP 2] Eviction notice.

Rout the mercenaries to the Needles, far from the cartel's mining mesa

  • Perform [STEP 1] Intentional incident, then STEP 2] [HEROIC 4] Weapons test and finally [STEP 2] Wave of dissonance.

Routed the mercenaries to the volcanic mesa

  • Carry out [STEP 1] Cover the tracks then [STEP 2] Smuggler's den and finally [STEP 2] Landing commando.

Placing Fake Data in the Tarlam Archives Room

  • First perform [STEP 1] False Story then [STEP 2] Landing Commando.

Terrify the inhabitants of the ponant waters camp

  • Perform [STEP 1] [HEROIC 4] Shared faults, then [STEP 2] Wave of dissonance and finally [STEP 2] Local problem.

Unlock and complete the “Local Problem” mission

  • Perform [STEP 2] Wave of Dissonance to unlock [STEP 2] Local problem.

Unlock and complete the “Weapon Test” mission

  • Perform [STEP 1] Intentional incident to unlock [STEP 2] [HEROIC 4] Weapon test. If you don't see it it should show up the following week.

Unlock the “Trace of Guilt” bonus mission in the Smuggler's Den mission

  • Perform [STEP 1] Trace of Guilt to unlock the bonus mission of [STEP 2] Smuggler's Lair.


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