FFXIV - House Tour # 26

Here we are for the twenty-sixth edition of the house tours with my finds of the week!


Detached house 1

A house with a Leviathan fountain and a relaxation area.

An all-stone entrance with a lounge area and a music area.

A basement with a tatami floor, a nice sitting area and a small sleeping area.


Detached house 2

A garden with cherry trees and a beautiful stone path.

The entrance presents us with a bar with a lounge area and a beautiful buffet!

The basement in the colors of Gridania shows us a sleeping area, a jacuzzi area with an ifrit head and a Garuda sofa.


Detached house 3

A garden with cherry trees, a relaxation area and a stone path.

The entrance, wooded, shows us an astronomy corner, with a lounge area and an office area.

The basement shows us a jacuzzi corner with a piano and a sleeping area with a stone fireplace.


Detached house 4

A well-lit garden with a Titan lantern and a vegetable patch.

The entrance, wooded, shows us a lounge area with a fireplace, an office area and a library.

A basement shows us a jacuzzi area, a dining area, and a reception.


Detached house 5

A garden with a vegetable patch and a cannon.

A rather metallic entrance with a strategy corner. We can also see an Ifrit head.

The basement made of greenery, shows us a Jacuzzi corner, a living room area with a fireplace and a Garuda sofa.


Detached house 6

In this last house we have a well-lit garden with a monument to Odin.

The entrance in the colors of Limsa shows us a library with a relaxation area.

And we end with a basement in Arhiman colors with a library area and two bedroom areas.


rjprojectsonline (at) Gmail (dot) com) and I will be happy to present your homes!

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