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Welcome to the seventh visit of the detached houses. This week, we have another reader who has let us know his desire to present his house to you. So I will take care of hers first and I will continue my visits afterwards!


Detached house 1

This house is owned by Kaliba Asran of the Moogle Server. It can be found at Brumée sector 7 location 28.

A garden with Christmas decorations with a nice garden area.

The entrance has an Arhiman atmosphere with a nice lounge area.

The basement in the colors of Gridania with a Sylph mix is ​​very well arranged with a dining area (where we can see a magnificent mounted room available during the Weddings) but also a bedroom area and a small living room with a good glass of champagne!

Thank you to you Kaliba for showing us your house which is very original!


Detached house 2

A garden with a pretty pink facade and a small garden area.

The bar-like entrance has a lounge with a fireplace and a dining area.

The basement in red and Morbol tones reveals an office area, a library area and a jacuzzi area.


Detached house 3

A simple garden somewhat reminiscent of public gardens.

The entrance is more colorful with a Mog tapestry, a reception and a fireplace.

The basement is in Chocobo colors with a lounge area with a Garuda sofa as well as a bedroom area and an office area with a jacuzzi at the back of the room.


Detached house 4

A lovely garden with Carbuncle furniture and a campfire to warm up.

An entry in the tone pink with a very original bar, presenting several chairs of different colors.

A basement always in the pink tone presents a Carbuncle office area as well as a Tomberry dining area and a bedroom also in Tomberry colors.


Detached house 5

A garden with lots of trees and a pretty Titan lantern (which we see less and less by the way.)

A sober entrance with a lounge area, a library area with a nice telescope for stargazing and a bedroom area.

A more colorful basement with a mix of Tomberry, Carbuncle and Arhiman to give a nice sitting area with also a small office area.


Detached house 6

We end our visit with a garden with a blue Christmas tree and a garden area.

The stone entrance serves as an office / library.

The basement, still in stone, is illuminated by Shiva's chandelier with a jacuzzi area and a large bedroom area with a beautiful Behemot head on the wall.


rjprojectsonline (at) Gmail (dot) com) and I will be happy to introduce your home!

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