FFXIV - House Tour # 9

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Here we are for the ninth edition of the tour of individual houses. Without transition, my finds of the week!


Detached house 1

A very simple garden with no frills.

Very classy entrance with a sober but distinguished atmosphere.

The basement in Gridania's colors is well appointed with many colors.


Detached house 2

A pretty garden with a beautiful bluish facade.

The entrance is composed of a nice living room with a fireplace that warms the room.

The basement is more neutral with a stone fireplace and a jacuzzi area.


Detached house 3

We find a simple garden, not overloaded.

The entrance, like the garden, is not overloaded with some Carbuncle and Tomberry furniture.

The Tomberry-colored basement is well decorated with a beautiful rug that I don't see often.


Detached house 4

A garden still in holiday colors.

The entrance is lit by the tapestry of the event of the star festival. We also have musical instruments that I come across more and more.

The Tomberry-colored basement is very well appointed with a jacuzzi area, a sleeping area and a living area.


Detached house 5

A pretty garden in the colors of the event of the transition.

A very beautiful entrance with furniture of the primordial and the throne of the tower of Syrcus. I must admit that placing Ifrit's head in such a way as to make it look like Ramuh's orb is coming out of his mouth is really nice.

The basement is simpler with a sitting area and a sleeping area.


Detached house 6

In the last house we have a well decorated garden with a beautiful pond.

The entrance is bright and showcases the interior furnishings of the current event.

And we end with a well decorated basement. We have a jacuzzi area and a bar area in Ahriman colors.


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