FFXIV - L'Aire

Accessible via the epic "The Wrath of the Dragon", the Aire is the residence of an imposing enemy.

As you progress to the first boss, remember to open the treasure chests. On this part of the area, lightning will strike the ground at random, its point of impact signaled before it falls.

Rangda is the first dragon to face. Around the arena, there are pillars, these will serve you during the fight. A purple link will materialize on a player, it will simply be necessary to run towards one of the pillars for the latter to take the link.

Rangda will use multiple AoE attacks, two of which will alternate. This mechanic is similar to the Chimera's Voice of the Ram / Voice of the Dragon attack:

  • the first AOE, Electric cachexia, will ask that the group is near the boss
  • the second, Charge ionosphérique, will ask the opposite: it will be necessary to move away from Rangda.

Another dragon, Leyak, will appear regularly during the fight, eliminate as quickly as possible.

This first boss killed, we change the scenery with always a safe to open on the road.

And we get to the second boss: Gyascutus. Throughout the fight, he will spawn poison clouds. There are two ways to get rid of it:

  • absorb them, which is not recommended: by doing so you will have poison stacks that do not withdraw.
  • leave Mustard gas absorb it. Be careful not to let him eat too much because the Mustard Gas will become more and more powerful and can kill the whole group by exploding. Be sure to remove it quickly after allowing it to absorb a few clouds.


Gyascutus eliminated, the routine continues: move forward and open the chests.

Then an obstacle prevents you from continuing: here you have to eliminate waves of dragons until the way is clear.

You have finally arrived at the top of the Aire, where the furious awaits you Nidhogg. We can divide this fight into 3 phases. Regardless of the phase, it will be necessary to ensure Estinien. If he dies, you lose.

For the first part of this fight, it will be necessary to avoid fireballs that Nidhogg will send on the players with his attack. Scarlet gem. They will then move, sweeping the arena.

Nidhogg will also repeatedly lock up a player during the battle in a Ebony gem. It will be necessary to break this prison as quickly as possible otherwise the trapped player will die.

Phase 2: Nidhogg walks away to prepare for his devastating attack and calls his subordinates to the rescue. Protect Estinien no matter what, kill enemies approaching the Dragon Knight as fast as possible. Vassal Biasts cannot be tanked. Estinian's shield ready, take refuge below.

Nidhogg then makes his ultimate attack which marks the end of this second phase.

Phase 3 is similar to the first except that you will have to deal with more Fireballs and Ebony Gem. Now all you have to do is exercise caution and defeat Nidhogg!

Zuh from Free Company Styx made a video of the dungeon:

Loot List

  • Weapons:
    • Turfing
    • Crocs-de-lipg
    • Skeggiold
    • Grasitha
    • Astrild
    • Hofud
    • Dainslaif
    • Megaphone
    • Mistletoe
    • Gambanteinn
    • Morkinskinna
    • Fagrskinna
    • Muspell
    • Cool
  • GLA - MRD - PLD - GUE - CHN:
    • Orthodox Bar of Fending
    • Orthodox cloak of fending
    • Orthodox Gauntlets of Fending
    • Orthodox Belt of Fending
    • Orthodox Wrap Skirt of Fending
    • Orthodox Legwraps of Fending
  • HAS - DRG :
    • Orthodox Barrette of Maiming
    • Orthodox Coat of Maiming
    • Orthodox Gauntlets of Maiming
    • Orthodox Plate Belt of Maiming
    • Orthodox Wrap Skirt of Maiming
    • Orthodox Legwraps of Maiming
  • PGL - MOI:
    • Orthodox Tricorn of Striking
    • Orthodox Tunic of Striking
    • Orthodox Wristwraps of Striking
    • Orthodox Cross Belt of Striking
    • Orthodox Trousers of Striking
    • Orthodox Thigh Boots of Striking
  • ON - NIN:
    • Orthodox Tricorn of Scouting
    • Orthodox Tunic of Scouting
    • Orthodox Wristwraps of Scouting
    • Cross Belt of Orthodox Scouting
    • Orthodox Trousers of Scouting
    • Orthodox Thigh Boots of Scouting
  • ARC - BRD - MCH:
    • Orthodox Tricorn of Aiming
    • Orthodox Tunic of Aiming
    • Orthodox Wristwraps of Aiming
    • Orthodox Cross Belt of Aiming
    • Orthodox Trousers of Aiming
    • Orthodox Thighboots of Aiming
  • OCC - ACN - MNO - INV:
    • Orthodox Hat of Casting
    • Orthodox charmer's dress
    • Orthodox Enchanter's Armguard
    • Orthodox Sash of Casting
    • Orthodox Wrap Skirt of Casting
    • Orthodox Military Boots of Casting
  • ÉLM - MBL - ÉRU - AST
    • Orthodox Hat of Healing
    • Orthodox Robe of Healing
    • Orthodox Armguards of Healing
    • Orthodox Sash of Healing
    • Orthodox Wrap Skirt of Healing
    • Orthodox Military Boots of Healing
  • All classes:
    • Orthodox Bracelets of Fending
    • Orthodox Bracelets of Slaying
    • Orthodox Bracelets of Aiming
    • Orthodox Bracelets of Casting
    • Orthodox Bracelets of Healing
    • Orthodox Ring of Fending
    • Orthodox Ring of Slaying
    • Orthodox Ring of Aiming
    • Orthodox Ring of Casting
    • Orthodox Ring of Healing
    • Orthodox Choker of Fending
    • Orthodox Choker of Striking
    • Orthodox Choker of Aiming
    • Orthodox Choker of Casting
    • Orthodox Choker of Healing
    • Orthodox Earrings of Fending
    • Orthodox Earrings of Slaying
    • Orthodox Earrings of Aiming
    • Orthodox Earrings of Casting
    • Orthodox Earrings of Healing 
  • Mascot:
    • Little red panda
  • Other:
    • Colorless prism I
    • Colorless prism II
    • Colorless prism III
    • Colorless prism IV
    • Colorless prism V
    • Lavender tincture
    • Blackcurrant tincture
    • Iris tincture
    • Grape tincture

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