FFXIV - Land: price reduction

An announcement was posted on The Lodestone regarding the cost of land: their price will be reduced.

Steps will be added so that the price of land drops until it reaches those of non-Legacy Group A servers.

Servers group A :

  • Bahamut/Behemoth/Cactuar/Carbuncle/Chocobo/Diabolos/Fenrir/Garuda/Gilgamesh/Ifrit/Leviathan/Mandragora/Midgardsormr/Odin/Ramuh/Shiva/Siren/Tiamat/Titan/Tonberry/Ultros

The price on Legacy servers following (group B) are 2,5 times the price of group A:

  • Balmung / Excalibur / Hyperion / Ragnarok / Sargatanas

Final Group B prices will drop from 2,5 times to 2,25 times the amount in Group A. Next week, prices will be reduced from 2,25 times to 2 times the costs of Group A.
After six weeks, the price of a group B plot will correspond to the price of a group A plot.
These adjustments concern all terrains.

Le group C, consisting of Aegis / Durandal / Gungnir / Masamune / Ridill have land which cost 5 times that of group A. The final prices of group B will drop from 5 to 4,5 times the amount of group A. Next week, prices will be reduced from 4,5 to 4 times the costs of group A.
After 8 weeks, the price of a Group C plot will eventually reach the price of a Group A plot.

The final price of land, regardless of servers, will be re-evaluated during the second half of January. Prices will therefore be subject to change, even after the adjustments made.


For information, the prices of group A land are set at the following amounts:

  • small land: 8 to 10 million,
  • average land: from 30 to 37
  • large land: from 100 million to 125 million.

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