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Today we will see the skin worker: the tanner. Be sure to check out the Crafting Mini Guide before reading this article. For information specific to the Tanner (location, spells), consult his arsenal sheet.


Class quests

As you already know, no matter what class you are going to take on FFXIV: ARR, you will have to complete a quest every 5 levels giving you gil, experience as well as a weapon (primary or secondary). ) and equipment.

Here is the list of quests to complete:

  • Nv 1: 1 Add
  • Lv 5: 3 Choker
  • Lv.10: 12 Rigid Leather
  • Lv 15: 1 Caligae and 1 Rigid Leather Choker
  • Lv 20: 1 Ibex Leather Leggings
  • Lv 25: 1 Toad Leather HQ
  • Lv 30: 1 Toad Leather Check HQ
  • Lv 35: 1 HQ Boarshide Strapped Paddles
  • Lv 40: 1 HQ Boar Leather Blacksmith Gloves
  • Lv 45: 1 HQ Raptor Leather Fingerless Gloves, 1 HQ Raptor Leather Targe and 1 HQ Raptor Leather Choker
  • Lv 50: 1 HQ Raptor Leather Jerkin set with Yield III Materia


Place of mandates

  • Nv 1/5: The bannock / Central forest
  • Nv 10: Brancharquée Ranch / Central forest
  • Nv 15: Hawtorne Hut / Eastern forest
  • Nv 20: Quarry mill / Southern forest
  • Nv 25: Quarry mill / Southern forest
  • Nv 30: Costa del Sol / Eastern Noscea
  • Nv 35: Observatoire / Coerthas
  • Nv 40: White Ridge Post / Coerthas
  • Nv 45: Find of Saint Coinach / Mor Dhona


List of mandates

Regarding the increase in experience, I advise you to focus on the mandates requiring leathers to be made. It is quite simple to do and relatively inexpensive. The ratio between the gain of the quest as well as the quantity made will give you much the same as warrants asking to provide an item of equipment for example.

Alternatively, you can also use theGames Managers tool regarding warrants to calculate how many items you need per tier!


To your knives and awls!

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