FFXIV - Legendary Yo-Kai Medal Guide

The Yo-Kai event allows you to collect pets, a mount and on top of that, weapons for each job in the game.


What are legendary medals?

Legendary medals are exchangeable items that allow you to obtain weapons bearing the Yo-Kai effigies. There are 13 different types (1 type per mascot / weapon) and you have to get 7 legendary medals of the same type to obtain the corresponding weapon.


How do I get legendary medals?

Getting the Legendary Medals is pretty straightforward, but it can take a long time depending on whether you are lucky or not. Simply participate in hazards in some areas, with the corresponding mascot released and you will have a chance to get a legendary medal.

However, one important thing is to know: depending on the mascot, the hazards must be carried out in very specific areas.

The upside is that you don't have to be in the job you want the weapon to be in to get the Legendary Medals, you just need to have the corresponding mascot out.

Be careful, however, if you take out your chocobo as a companion, the mascot will disappear and you will therefore not get legendary medals. The chocobo as a companion is to be banned if you want to farm legendary medals!


Which mascot for which weapon?

Each mascot is therefore linked to a specific weapon. Here is the list recapitulating which mascot corresponds to which job as well as the weapon which one obtains with the legendary medals.


Where can I get the medals?

Now, the heart of the matter: the areas in which to accomplish the hazards depending on the mascot you use.

First of all, you should know that only zones d’A Realm Reborn are affected by the event. Heavensward zones are therefore useless for the latter.


Where can I redeem legendary medals?

Once you have 7 Legendary Medals of one type, simply go back and see the Wandering Boss au Gold Saucer (X: 5.2 - Y: 6.9) in order to exchange them for the type of weapon which is related to it.


There you go, you know all about how to get all the weapons of the Yo-Kai event!

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